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Limitations of local update recovery in stabilizer-GKP codes: a quantum optimal transport approach

Robert König and Cambyse Rouzé

Quantum chi-squared tomography and mutual information testing

 Steve Flammia and Ryan O'Donnell

Quantum Money from Abelian Group Actions

 Mark Zhandry


Complexity and order in approximate quantum error-correcting codes

 Jinmin Yi, Weicheng Ye, Daniel Gottesman and Zi-Wen Liu

Testing quantum satisfiability

 Ashley Montanaro, Changpeng Shao and Dominic Verdon

Bounding the Quantum Value of Compiled Nonlocal Games: From CHSH to BQP Verification

 Anand Natarajan and Tina Zhang


Approaching the Quantum Singleton Bound with Approximate Error Correction

 Thiago Bergamaschi, Louis Golowich and Sam Gunn

On the quantum time complexity of divide and conquer

 Jonathan Allcock, Jinge Bao, Aleksandrs Belovs, Troy Lee and Miklos Santha

Trade-offs between Entanglement and Communication

 Uma Girish and Srinivasan Arunachalam








Constant-Overhead Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation with Reconfigurable Atom Arrays

 Qian Xu, Pablo Ataides, Christopher Pattison, Nithin Raveendran, Dolev Bluvstein, Jonathan Wurtz, Bane Vasic, Mikhail Lukin, Liang Jiang and Hengyun Zhou

Gelfand-Tsetlin basis for partially transposed permutations, with applications to quantum information

 Dmitry Grinko, Adam Burchardt and Maris Ozols

Cryptography from Quantum One-Wayness

 Dakshita Khurana and Kabir Tomer


Viderman's algorithm for quantum LDPC codes

 Anirudh Krishna, Inbal Livni Navon and Mary Wootters

The mixed Schur transform: efficient quantum circuit and applications

 Quynh Nguyen

Quantum Public-Key Encryption with Tamper-Resilient Public Keys from One-Way Functions

 Fuyuki Kitagawa, Tomoyuki Morimae, Ryo Nishimaki and Takashi Yamakawa


Geometrically Local Quantum and Classical Codes from Subdivision

 Ting-Chun Lin, Adam Wills and Min-Hsiu Hsieh

Quantum Algorithm for Reducing Induced Representations with Applications to Port-based Teleportation

 Jiani Fei, Sydney Timmerman and Patrick Hayden

Robust Quantum Public-Key Encryption with Applications to Quantum Key Distribution

 Giulio Malavolta, Michael Walter


Improved rate-distance trade-offs for quantum codes with restricted connectivity

 Nouédyn Baspin, Venkatesan Guruswami, Anirudh Krishna and Ray Li

Generalised group designs: overcoming the 3-design-barrier and constructing novel 2-designs in arbitrary dimensions

 Ágoston Kaposi, Zoltán Kolarovszki, Adrian Solymos and Zoltán Zimborás

A tight and general finite-size security proof for quantum key distribution

 Thomas Van Himbeeck, Peter Brown


A Constructive Approach to Zauner's Conjecture via the Stark Conjectures

Marcus Appleby, Steve Flammia and Gene Kopp


Poster Presentation Session & Drinks Reception
(1F, Lobby)

(1F, R101 AB)

(1F, R101 CD)

(2F, R201 ABC)





Tensor Network Decoding Beyond 2D

Christophe Piveteau, Christopher T. Chubb and Joseph M. Renes

Catalytic and asymptotic equivalence for quantum entanglement 

Ray Ganardi, Tulja Varun Kondra and Alexander Streltsov

Effect of non–unital noise on random circuit sampling 

Bill Fefferman, Soumik Ghosh, Michael Gullans, Kohdai Kuroiwa and Kunal Sharma


Circuit-to-Hamiltonian from tensor networks and fault tolerance

Anurag Anshu, Nikolas Breuckmann and Quynh Nguyen

Reversibility of quantum resources through probabilistic protocols

Bartosz Regula and Ludovico Lami

Complexity-theoretic foundations of BosonSampling with a linear number of modes

Ishaun Datta, Adam Bouland, Daniel Brod, Bill Fefferman, Daniel Grier, Felipe Hernandez and Michal Oszmaniec


Measurement Quantum Cellular Automata and Anomalies in Floquet Codes

David Aasen, Jeongwan Haah, Zhi Li and Roger Mong

A new entanglement conversion distance for a complete characterization of entanglement embezzlement and closed-form expressions for entanglement distillation and dilution 

Elia Zanoni, Thomas Theurer, Kun Fang and Gilad Gour

On the Pauli Spectrum of QAC0

Shivam Nadimpalli, Natalie Parham, Francisca Vasconcelos and Henry Yuen







Quantum Merlin-Arthur and proofs without relative phase

Roozbeh Bassirian, Bill Fefferman and Kunal Marwaha

Monogamy of highly symmetric states

Rene Allerstorfer, Matthias Christandl, Dmitry Grinko, Ion Nechita, Maris Ozols, Denis Rochette and Philip Verduyn Lunel

Quantum Pseudorandom Scramblers

Chuhan Lu, Minglong Qin, Fang Song, Penghui Yao and Mingnan Zhao


Local Hamiltonian Problem with succinct ground state is MA-Complete

Jiaqing Jiang

Entanglement monogamy via multivariate trace inequalities

Mario Berta and Marco Tomamichel

Public-key pseudoentanglement and the hardness of learning ground state entanglement structure 

Adam Bouland, Bill Fefferman, Soumik Ghosh, Tony Metger, Umesh Vazirani, Chenyi Zhang and Zixin Zhou


The Power of Unentangled Quantum Proofs with Non-negative Amplitudes

Fernando Jeronimo and Pei Wu

Exact Steering Bound for Two-Qubit Werner States 

Yujie Zhang and Eric Chitambar

The active-volume architecture and elliptic-curve cryptography

Daniel Litinski and Naomi Nickerson


Complexity Classification of Product State Problems for Local Hamiltonians

John Kallaugher, Ojas Parekh, Kevin Thompson, Yipu Wang and Justin Yirka

Discreteness of asymptotic tripartite entanglement measures 

Jop Briet, Matthias Christandl, Itai Leigh, Amir Shpilka, Fulvio Gesmundo and Jeroen Zuiddam

A mathematical foundation for self-testing: Lifting common assumptions

Pedro Baptista, Ranyiliu Chen, Jędrzej Kaniewski, David Rasmussen Lolck, Laura Mančinska, Thor Gabelgaard Nielsen and Simon Schmidt


Poster Presentation Session & Drinks Reception
(1F, Lobby)

(1F, R101 AB)

(1F, R101 CD)

(2F, R201)





Quantum Renyi and f-divergences from integral representations 

Christoph Hirche and Marco Tomamichel

Unifying speed limit and Lieb-Robinson bound: Wisdom from optimal transport

Tan Van Vu, Tomotaka Kuwahara and Keiji Saito

Quantum Lower Bounds for Finding Stationary Points of Nonconvex Functions

Chenyi Zhang and Tongyang Li


The Quantum Entropy Cone near its Apex

Lasse H. Wolff, Matthias Christandl and Bergfinnur Durhuus

Going Beyond Gadgets: The Importance of Scalability for Analogue Quantum Simulators

Dylan Harley, Ishaun Datta, Frederik Ravn Klausen, Andreas Bluhm, Daniel Stilck França, Albert Werner and Matthias Christandl

Quantum speedups for linear programming via interior point methods

Simon Apers and Sander Gribling


Expected Utility Theory and its novel application in Quantum Information Science

Paul Skrzypczyk, Andrés Ducuara, Francesco Buscemi, Peter Sidajaya and Valerio Scarani

Local minima in quantum systems

Chi-Fang Chen, Hsin-Yuan Huang, John Preskill and Leo Zhou

Exponential Quantum Streaming Advantage for Maximum Directed Cut

John Kallaugher, Ojas Parekh and Nadezhda Voronova



(2F, R201)


Business meeting


Industry session


(3F, Banquet Hall)

(1F, R101 AB)

(1F, R101 CD)

(2F, R201 ABC)





Heisenberg-limited metrology with perturbing interactions, and efficient sampling of short-time quantum evolution

Chao Yin and Andrew Lucas

Classical simulation of peaked shallow quantum circuits

Sergey Bravyi, David Gosset and Yinchen Liu

Commuting Local Hamiltonian Problem on 2D beyond qubits

Sandy Irani and Jiaqing Jiang


Quantum metrology in the finite-sample regime

Johannes Jakob Meyer, Sumeet Khatri, Daniel Stilck França, Jens Eisert and Philippe Faist

Classical simulation of non-Gaussian fermionic circuits

Beatriz Cardoso Dias and Robert Koenig

A distribution testing oracle separating QMA and QCMA

Anand Natarajan and Chinmay Nirkhe


Spectral gap implies rapid mixing for commuting Hamiltonians

Jan Kochanowski, Alvaro Alhambra, Ángela Capel and Cambyse Rouze

Quadratic Lower bounds on the Approximate Stabilizer Rank: A Probabilistic Approach Saeed Mehraban and Mehrdad Tahmasbi 

Saeed Mehraban and Mehrdad Tahmasbi

NLTS Hamiltonians and Strongly-Explicit SoS Lower Bounds from Low-Rate Quantum LDPC Codes 

Louis Golowich and Tali Kaufman








Relating non-local computation to information theoretic cryptography

Alex May, Rene Allerstorfer, Harry Buhrman, Florian Speelman and Philip Verduyn Lunel

Certifying highly-entangled states from few single-qubit measurements

Hsin-Yuan Huang, John Preskill and Mehdi Soleimanifar

A Quantum Speed-Up for Approximating the Top Eigenvector of a Matrix

 Yanlin Chen, András Gilyén and Ronald de Wolf


Making Existing Quantum Position Verification Protocols Secure Against Arbitrary Transmission Loss

Rene Allerstorfer, Andreas Bluhm, Harry Buhrman, Matthias Christandl, Llorenc Escola Farras, Florian Speelman and Philip Verduyn Lunel

The advantage of quantum control in many-body Hamiltonian learning 

Alicja Dutkiewicz, Thomas O'Brien and Thomas Schuster

Non-Linear Transformations of Quantum Amplitudes: Exponential Improvement, Generalization, and Applications 

Arthur Rattew and Patrick Rebentrost


Security of position-based verification limits Hamiltonian simulation via holography 

Harriet Apel, Toby Cubitt, Patrick Hayden, Tamara Kohler and David Pérez-García

Learning Quantum States With Respect to the Stabilizer Formalism

Sabee Grewal, Vishnu Iyer, William Kretschmer and Daniel Liang

Quantum eigenvalue processing

Guang Hao Low and Yuan Su


Black-Hole Radiation Decoding is Quantum Cryptography 

Zvika Brakerski

Efficient learning of ground & thermal states within phases of matter 

Emilio Onorati, Cambyse Rouze, Daniel Stilck Franca and James Watson


Provably Efficient Learning of Phases of Matter

Emilio Onorati, Cambyse Rouze, Daniel Stilck França and James Watson

Linear combination of Hamiltonian simulation for non-unitary dynamics with optimal state preparation cost

Dong An, Jin-Peng Liu and Lin Lin


What exactly does Bekenstein bound?

Patrick Hayden and Jinzhao Wang

A Unified Theory of Barren Plateaus for Deep Parametrized Quantum Circuits 

Marco Cerezo, Michael Ragone, Bojko N. Bakalov, Frederic Sauvage, Alexander F. Kemper, Carlos Ortiz Marrero and Martin Larocca


The Adjoint Is All You Need: Characterizing Barren Plateaus in Quantum Ansätze

Enrico Fontana, Dylan Herman, Shouvanik Chakrabarti, Niraj Kumar, Romina Yalovetzky, Jamie Heredge, Shree Hari Sureshbabu and Marco Pistoia

Breaking badly: unexpected Trotter error scaling for realistic quantum systems 

Daniel Burgarth, Paolo Facchi, Alexander Hahn, Mattias Johnsson and Kazuya Yuasa


Poster Display Session
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Rump session
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(1F, R101 AB)

(1F, R101 CD)

(2F, R201 ABC)





Efficient Quantum State Synthesis with One Query

Gregory Rosenthal

Analysis of SoS Relaxations for the Quantum Rotor Model

Sujit Rao

Quantum query complexity of functions of matrices 

Ashley Montanaro and Changpeng Shao


A One-Query Lower Bound for Unitary Synthesis and Breaking Quantum Cryptography

Alex Lombardi, Fermi Ma and John Wright

Matrix product state approximations to quantum states of low energy variance

Kshiti Sneh Rai, J. Ignacio Cirac and Álvaro M. Alhambra

Query-optimal estimation of unitary channels in diamond distance

Jeongwan Haah, Robin Kothari, Ryan O'Donnell and Ewin Tang


Quantum complexity of the Kronecker coefficients

Sergey Bravyi, Anirban Chowdhury, David Gosset, Vojtech Havlicek, Christian Ikenmeyer, Sathyawageeswar Subramanian and Guanyu Zhu

Certified algorithms for equilibrium states of quantum lattice systems 

Hamza Fawzi, Omar Fawzi and Samuel Scalet

The Power of Adaptivity in Quantum Query Algorithms 

Uma Girish, Avishay Tal, Kewen Wu and Makrand Sinha








Quantum Uncertainty Principles for Measurements with Interventions

Yunlong Xiao, Yuxiang Yang, Ximing Wang, Liu Qing and Mile Gu

The resource theory of tensor networks

Matthias Christandl, Vladimir Lysikov, Vincent Steffan, Albert Werner and Freek Witteveen

Connecting entanglement distillation and entanglement testing with restricted measurements 

Ludovico Lami and Bartosz Regula


Self-duality and Jordan structure of quantum theory follow from homogeneity and pure transitivity

Howard Barnum, Cozmin Ududec and John van de Wetering

Matrix product algebras and their application for phase classification 

David Pérez-García, Andras Molnar, Alberto Ruiz-de-Alarcón, José Garre Rubio, Norbert Schuch and Ignacio Cirac

Entanglement cost for infinite-dimensional physical systems 

Hayata Yamasaki, Kohdai Kuroiwa, Patrick Hayden and Ludovico Lami


Commuting operations factorise

Renato Renner and Ramona Wolf

Classification of dynamical Lie algebras for translation-invariant 2-local spin systems in one dimension

Roeland Wiersema, Efekan Kökcü, Alexander Kemper and Bojko Bakalov

Bypassing Joint Typicality in Network Quantum Shannon Theory

Pau Colomer, Andreas Winter, Mario Berta, Hao-Chung Cheng and Li Gao


Towards a unification of different measures of correlations and locality in Gibbs states

Andreas Bluhm, Ángela Capel, Massimo Moscolari, Antonio Pérez Hernández, Stefan Teufel and Tom Wessel

The Schmidt rank for the commuting operator framework 

Lauritz van Luijk, René Schwonnek, Alexander Stottmeister and Reinhard F. Werner

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