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    9:00-12:00   Tuesday, January 16, 2024

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    14:00-18:00   Tuesday, January 16, 2024

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The full list of accepted posters can be found here:

2Quantum Advantage from One-Way FunctionsTomoyuki Morimae and Takashi Yamakawa
6Explicability and Inexplicability in the Interpretation of Quantum Neural NetworksLirandë Pira and Chris Ferrie
9The Dynamical Resource Theory of Informational Non-EquilibriumBenjamin Stratton, Chung-Yun Hsieh and Paul Skrzypczyk
11Generating function for projected entangled-pair statesWei-Lin Tu, Laurens Vanderstraeten, Norbert Schuch, Hyun-Yong Lee, Naoki Kawashima and Ji-Yao Chen
12Fundamental limits on quantum cloning from the no-signalling principleYanglin Hu and Marco Tomamichel
15One-Wayness in Quantum CryptographyTomoyuki Morimae and Takashi Yamakawa
16Efficient Long-Range Entanglement using Dynamic CircuitsElisa Bäumer, Vinay Tripathi, Derek Wang, Patrick Rall, Edward Chen, Swarnadeep Majumder, Alireza Seif and Zlatko Minev
22High-fidelity realization of the AKLT state on a NISQ-era quantum processorTianqi Chen, Ruizhe Shen, Ching Hua Lee and Bo Yang
26Long-distance measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution using hybrid-entangled statesSoumyakanti Bose, Jaskaran Singh Nirankari, Adán Cabello and Hyunseok Jeong
27Digital Quantum Simulation of Quench-Induced State Transition and the Spectroscopy of Lattice Field TheoryDongwook Ghim and Masazumi Honda
29Promise Clique Homology on weighted graphs is QMA1-hard and contained in QMARobbie King and Tamara Kohler
31Toward Quantum Machine Translation via Quantum Natural Language ProcessingMina Abbaszade, Mariam Zomorodi, Vahid Salari and Philip Kurian
34Space-bounded quantum state testing via space-efficient quantum singular value transformationFrançois Le Gall, Yupan Liu and Qisheng Wang
35Efficient quantum amplitude encoding of polynomial functionsJavier González Conde, Thomas W. Watts, Pablo Rodriguez-Grasa and Mikel Sanz
40Evidence of Scaling Advantage for the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm on a Classically Intractable ProblemRuslan Shaydulin, Changhao Li, Shouvanik Chakrabarti, Matthew DeCross, Dylan Herman, Niraj Kumar, Jeffrey Larson, Danylo Lykov, Pierre Minssen, Yue Sun, Yuri Alexeev, Joan Dreiling, John Gaebler, Thomas Gatterman, Justin Gerber, Kevin Gilmore, Dan Gresh, Nathan Hewitt, Chandler Horst, Shaohan Hu, Jacob Johansen, Mitchell Matheny, Tanner Mengle, Michael Mills, Steven Moses, Brian Neyenhuis, Peter Siegfried, Romina Yalovetzky and Marco Pistoia
44Quantum Lower Bounds by Sample-to-Query LiftingQisheng Wang and Zhicheng Zhang
46Unified framework for continuity of sandwiched Rényi divergencesAndreas Bluhm, Ángela Capel, Paul Gondolf and Tim Möbus
60Hierarchical memories: Simulating quantum LDPC codes with local gatesChristopher Pattison, Anirudh Krishna and John Preskill
61Oracle Separation of NISQ and Classical Complexity ClassesEn-Jui Kuo, Shih-Han Hung, Nai-Hui Chia and Min-Hsiu Hsieh
63Randomized semi-quantum matrix processingAllan Tosta, Thais de Lima Silva, Giancarlo Camilo and Leandro Aolita
64Efficient Quantum Agnostic Improper Learning of Decision TreesSagnik Chatterjee, Sapv Tharrmashastha and Debajyoti Bera
69Quantum-enhanced metrology with network statesYuxiang Yang, Benjamin Yadin and Zhen-Peng Xu
70Quantum reservoir probing of the spatiotemporal profile of information scramblingKaito Kobayashi and Yukitoshi Motome
73Alchemy of quantum coherence: Arbitrary amplification in asymptotic and catalytic coherence manipulationNaoto Shiraishi and Ryuji Takagi
77On the Sample Complexity of Quantum Boltzmann Machine LearningLuuk Coopmans and Marcello Benedetti
78Good Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill codes from the NTRU cryptosystemJonathan Conrad, Jens Eisert and Jean-Pierre Seifert
79General $d$-level quantum multi-secret sharing scheme with cheating identificationDeepa Rathi and Sanjeev Kumar
83Benchmarking Metaheuristic-Integrated QAOA against Quantum AnnealingArul Mazumder, Anuvab Sen and Udayon Sen
84Learning Pauli channels: from general lower bounds to efficient structure estimationDaniel Stilck França, Cambyse Rouze, Aadil Oufkir and Omar Fawzi
89Local algorithms and the failure of log-depth quantum advantage on sparse random CSPsAntares Chen, Neng Huang and Kunal Marwaha
92Localized Virtual PurificationHideaki Hakoshima, Suguru Endo, Kaoru Yamamoto, Yuichiro Matsuzaki and Nobuyuki Yoshioka
93Quantum secret sharing protocol using Grover's Search Algorithm with noisy environmentsDeepa Rathi, Sanjeev Kumar, Farhan Musanna and Deepak Singh
99Tradeoff Constructions for Quantum Locally Testable CodesAdam Wills, Ting-Chun Lin and Min-Hsiu Hsieh
100BQP, meet NP: Search-to-decision reductions and approximate countingJonas Kamminga and Sevag Gharibian
102Security of a Continuous-Variable based Quantum Position Verification ProtocolRene Allerstorfer, Llorenc Escola Farras, Arpan Akash Ray, Boris Skoric, Florian Speelman and Philip Verduyn Lunel
105Certified Randomness from Quantum SupremacyScott Aaronson and Shih-Han Hung
108Energy-Consumption Advantage of Quantum ComputationFlorian Meier and Hayata Yamasaki
109Classical Verification of Quantum LearningMatthias C. Caro, Marcel Hinsche, Marios Ioannou, Alexander Nietner and Ryan Sweke
113Quantum Analog of Shannon's Lower Bound  TheoremSaugata Basu and Laxmi Parida
115Classical vs Quantum Advice and Proofs under Classically-Accessible OracleXingjian Li, Qipeng Liu, Angelos Pelecanos and Takashi Yamakawa
118Modal analysis on quantum computers via qubitizationYasunori Lee and Keita Kanno
120Quantum SAT on (2,5)- and (3,4)-dimensional qudit pairs is QMA1-completeSevag Gharibian, Daniel Nagaj and Dorian Rudolph
121Large-scale simulations of Floquet physics on near-term quantum computersTimo Eckstein, Refik Mansuroglu, Piotr Czarnik, Jian-Xin Zhu, Michael J. Hartmann, Lukasz Cincio, Andrew T. Sornborger and Zoë Holmes
122Quantum Locally Recoverable CodesLouis Golowich and Venkatesan Guruswami
124Sufficient condition for universal quantum computation using bosonic circuitsCameron Calcluth, Nicolas Reichel, Alessandro Ferraro and Giulia Ferrini
125Unleashing Quantum Simulation Advantages: Hamiltonian Subspace Encoding for Resource Efficient Quantum SimulationMan Hei Cheng, Yu Cheng Chen, Qian Wang, Valeria Bartsch, Myungshik Kim, Alice Hu and Min Hsiu Hsieh
126Quantum Complexity for Discrete Logarithms and Related ProblemsMinki Hhan, Takashi Yamakawa and Aaram Yun
129Polytope compatibility --  from quantum measurements to magic squares Andreas Bluhm, Ion Nechita and Simon Schmidt
136Towards Quantum Locally Testable Codes from Cubical ComplexesIrit Dinur, Ting-Chun Lin and Thomas Vidick
139Exponential separations between classical and quantum learnersCasper Gyurik and Vedran Dunjko
144A Hamming-Like Bound for Degenerate Stabilizer CodesAndrew Nemec and Theerapat Tansuwannont
148Constant-depth circuits for Uniformly Controlled Gates and Boolean functions with application to quantum memory circuitsJonathan Allcock, Jinge Bao, João F. Doriguello, Alessandro Luongo and Miklos Santha
149The Hadamard gate cannot be replaced by a resource state in universal quantum computationBenjamin Jones, Paul Skrzypczyk and Noah Linden
154Quantum Delegation with an Off-the-shelf DeviceAnne Broadbent, Arthur Mehta and Yuming Zhao
156A quantum advantage over classical for local max cutSteven Kordonowy, Alexandra Kolla, Charlie Carlson and Zackary Jorquera
158Quantum State Preparation via Efficiently Represented Boolean FunctionYu Tanaka, Hayata Yamasaki and Mio Murao
160Variational Quantum Linear Solver enhanced Quantum Support Vector Machine Jianming Yi, Kalyani Suresh, Ali Moghiseh and Norbert Wehn
164Every quantum helps:  Operational advantage of quantum resources beyond convexityKohdai Kuroiwa, Ryuji Takagi, Gerardo Adesso and Hayata Yamasaki
165A framework of partial error correction for intermediate-scale quantum computersNikolaos Koukoulekidis, Samson Wang, Tom O'Leary, Daniel Bultrini, Lukasz Cincio and Piotr Czarnik
167Robust ground-state energy estimation under depolarizing noiseZhiyan Ding, Yulong Dong, Yu Tong and Lin Lin
170Stochastic error cancellation in analog quantum simulationYiyi Cai, Yu Tong and John Preskill
176Classical simulators as quantum error mitigators via circuit cuttingJi Liu, Alvin Gonzales and Zain Saleem
179Quantum and Quantum-Inspired Stereographic K Nearest-Neighbour ClusteringArk Modi, Alonso Viladomat Jasso, Roberto Ferrara, Christian Deppe, Janis Noetzel, Fred Fung and Maximilian Schaedler
183End-to-end analysis for quantum interior point methods with improved block-encodingsAlexander Dalzell, B. David Clader, Grant Salton, Mario Berta, Cedric Yen-Yu Lin, David Bader, Nikitas Stamatopoulos, Martin Schuetz, Fernando Brandao, Helmut Katzgraber and William Zeng
189Resource-efficient shadow tomography using equatorial measurementsGuedong Park, Yong Siah Teo and Hyunseok Jeong
191Analyzing quantum machine learning with tensor networksSeongwook Shin, Yong Siah Teo and Hyunseok Jeong
193Des-q: a quantum algorithm to construct and efficiently retrain decision trees for regression and binary classificationRomina Yalovetzky, Niraj Kumar, Changhao Li, Pierre Minssen and Marco Pistoia
194Quantum weight enumerators and tensor networksChunjun Cao, Michael Gullans, Brad Lackey and Zitao Wang
195Existence of Pauli-like stabilizers for every quantum error-correcting codeJhih-Yuan Kao and Hsi-Sheng Goan
197Distributed Scheduling of Quantum Circuits with Noise and Time OptimizationDebasmita Bhoumik, Ritajit Majumdar, Amit Saha and Susmita Sur-Kolay
198Fault tolerance analysis of error correction circuits for cat codesLong Duy Hoang My, Hui Khoon Ng and Shushen Qin
201Learning quantum states and unitaries of bounded gate complexityHaimeng Zhao, Laura Lewis, Ishaan Kannan, Yihui Quek, Hsin-Yuan Huang and Matthias Caro
205Complete criteria for the detection of the initial system-environment  entanglement via the system aloneYun-Yi Hsieh and Hsi-Sheng Goan
207Device independent security for quantum key distribution from arbitrary monogamy-of-entanglement gamesEnrique Cervero and Marco Tomamichel
208Improved precision scaling for simulating coupled quantum-classical dynamicsSophia Simon, Raffaele Santagati, Matthias Degroote, Nikolaj Moll, Michael Streif and Nathan Wiebe
209Quantum Polynomial Hierarchies: Collapses, Karp-Lipton, and MoreAvantika Agarwal, Sevag Gharibian, Sabee Grewal, Venkata Koppula, Dorian Rudolph and Justin Yirka
215Learning conservation laws in unknown quantum dynamicsYongtao Zhan, Andreas Elben, Hsin-Yuan Huang and Yu Tong
216Optimal protocols for universal adjointation of isometry operationsSatoshi Yoshida, Akihito Soeda and Mio Murao
217Exploring shallow-depth boson sampling for scalable quantum supremacyByeongseon Go, Hyunseok Jeong, Changhun Oh and Liang Jiang
218A Feasibility-Preserved Quantum Approximate Solver for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing ProblemNingyi Xie, Xinwei Lee, Dongsheng Cai, Yoshiyuki Saito, Nobuyoshi Asai and Hoong Chuin Lau
223Sufficient statistic and approximate recovery via Quantum Fisher InformationLi Gao, Haojian Li, Iman Marvian and Cambyse Rouzé
224Measurement-based quantum simulation of Abelian lattice gauge theoriesHiroki Sukeno and Takuya Okuda
227Majorization in large samplesErkka Haapasalo, Muhammad Usman Farooq, Tobias Fritz, Marco Tomamichel and Frits Verhagen
228Overlapping qubits from non-isometric maps and de Sitter tensor networksChunjun Cao, Wissam Chemissany, Alexander Jahn and Zoltan Zimboras
229Can we stochastically distil quantum steering and measurement incompatibility?Chung-Yun Hsieh, Huan-Yu Ku, Shin-Liang Chen, Yueh-Nan Chen and Costantino Budroni
230Quantum error correction on symmetric quantum sensorsYingkai Ouyang and Gavin Brennen
232Classical algorithm for simulating experimental Gaussian boson samplingChanghun Oh, Minzhao Liu, Yuri Alexeev, Bill Fefferman and Liang Jiang
244Noise is resource-contextual in quantum communication.Aditya Nema, Ananda Gopal Maity, Sergii Strelchuk and David Elkouss
246A sublinear time quantum algorithm for longest common substring problem between run-length encoded stringsHan-Hsuan Lin and Tzu-Ching Lee
248Higher-order quantum transformations of Hamiltonian dynamicsTatsuki Odake, Hlér Kristjánsson, Akihito Soeda and Mio Murao
253Fundamental Limitations on Communication over a Quantum NetworkJunjing Xing Xing, Tianfeng Feng, Fan Zhaobing, Haitao Ma, Kishor Bharti, Dax Koh and Yunlong Xiao
256Derivation of Standard Quantum Theory via State DiscriminationHayato Arai and Masahito Hayashi
257Complete quantum-inspired framework for computational fluid dynamicsRaghavendra Peddinti, Stefano Pisoni, Alessandro Marini, Philippe Lott, Henrique Argentieri, Egor Tiunov and Leandro Aolita
262Towards the realization of universal quantum teleportation using weak measurements.Vivek Balasaheb Sabale, Atul Kumar and Subhashish Banerjee
263The relative entropy of coherence quantifies performance in Bayesian estimationRuvi Lecamwasam, Syed Assad, Joseph Hope, Ping Koy Lam, Jayne Thompson and Mile Gu
265Quantum Channel Simulation under Purified Distance is no more difficult than State SplittingMichael Xuan Cao, Rahul Jain and Marco Tomamichel
272Data-driven approach to mixed-state multipartite entanglement characterisationEric Brunner, Aaron Xie, Gabriel Dufour and Andreas Buchleitner
277Maximum tolerable excess noise in CV-QKD and improved lower bound on two-way capacitiesFrancesco Anna Mele, Ludovico Lami and Vittorio Giovannetti
279Simulating LDPC code Hamiltonians on 2D latticesHarriet Apel and Nouédyn Baspin
280QSETH strikes again: finer quantum lower bounds for lattice problem, strong simulation, hitting set problem, and moreSubhasree Patro, Yanlin Chen, Florian Speelman, Yilei Chen and Rajendra Kumar
284Hybrid quantum-classical and quantum-inspired classical algorithms for solving banded circulant linear systemsPo-Wei Huang, Xiufan Li, Kelvin Koor and Patrick Rebentrost
287Bounding the joint numerical range of Pauli strings by graph parametersZhen-Peng Xu, René Schwonnek and Andreas Winter
288Causal Classification of Spatiotemporal Quantum CorrelationsMinjeong Song, Varun Narasimhachar, Bartosz Regula, Thomas Elliott and Mile Gu
289New Approaches to Complexity via Quantum GraphsEric Culf and Arthur Mehta
290Generalized Quantum Signal ProcessingDanial Motlagh and Nathan Wiebe
291Optical fibres with memory effects and their quantum communication capacitiesFrancesco Anna Mele, Giacomo De Palma, Marco Fanizza, Vittorio Giovannetti and Ludovico Lami
294Lower Bounds on Quantum Annealing TimesLuis Pedro García-Pintos, Lucas Brady, Jacob Bringewatt and Yi-Kai Liu
297Dissipative Quantum Gibbs SamplingJan Lukas Bosse, Daniel Zhang and Toby Cubitt
298On quantum backpropagation, information reuse, and cheating measurement collapseAmira Abbas, Robbie King, Hsin-Yuan Huang, William Huggins, Dar Gilboa, Ramis Movassagh and Jarrod McClean
300Alleviating the quantum Big-M problemEdoardo Alessandroni, Sergi Ramos-Calderer, Ingo Roth, Emiliano Traversi and Leandro Aolita
301Gaussian decomposition of magic states for matchgate computationsJoshua Cudby and Sergii Strelchuk
302On the Hardness of S|LWE⟩ with Gaussian and Other AmplitudesYilei Chen, Zihan Hu, Qipeng Liu, Han Luo and Yaxin Tu
304Understanding quantum machine learning also requires rethinking generalizationElies Gil-Fuster, Jens Eisert and Carlos Bravo-Prieto
305Quantum contextuality provides communication complexity advantageShashank Gupta, Debashis Saha, Zhen-Peng Xu, Adan Cabello and Archan S. Majumdar
307Mixed-state additivity properties of magic monotones based on quantum relative entropies for single-qubit states and beyondRoberto Rubboli, Ryuji Takagi and Marco Tomamichel
309Quantum Bohnenblust--Hille inequalities and applications to learning low-degree quantum observablesHaonan Zhang, Ohad Klein, Joseph Slote and Alexander Volberg
311Improved Dimension and Sample Size Scalability for Maximum-Likelihood State Tomography and Approximating PSD PermanentsChung-En Tsai, Hao-Chung Cheng and Yen-Huan Li
313Guidable Local Hamiltonian Problems with Implications to Heuristic Ansatz State Preparation and the Quantum PCP ConjectureJordi Weggemans, Marten Folkersma and Christopher Cade
314Quantum algorithms for solving linear and nonlinear differential equationsYuki Ito, Yu Tanaka and Keisuke Fujii
315Fidelity and Entanglement of Random Bipartite Pure States: Insights and ApplicationsGeorge Biswas, Shao-Hua Hu, Jun-Yi Wu, Debasish Biswas and Anindya Biswas
320Learning Quantum Processes with Quantum Statistical QueriesChirag Wadhwa, Armando Angrisani and Mina Doosti
322Provable Advantage in Quantum PAC LearningWilfred Salmon, Sergii Strelchuk and Tom Gur
324Fixed-point iterative algorithm for barycenters in Wasserstein space: a new generalization with applications in quantum information theoryShrigyan Brahmachari, Roberto Rubboli and Marco Tomamichel
325Seedless Extractors for Device-Independent Quantum CryptographyCameron Foreman and Lluis Masanes
326More Optimistic, Less Regret: Quantum Optimistic Update Algorithms for Zero-Sum Games and Linear ProgrammingMinbo Gao, Zhengfeng Ji, Tongyang Li and Qisheng Wang
330Simulating quantum computation: how many "bits" for "it"?Michael Zurel, Cihan Okay and Robert Raussendorf
336A More Efficient Postprocessing Procedure for Evaluating Hamiltonian Expectation Values in VQEChi-Chun Chen and Hsi-Sheng Goan
339Distance-preserving stabilizer measurements in hypergraph product codesArgyris Manes and Jahan Claes
344Dissipation-enabled bosonic Hamiltonian learning via new information-propagation boundsTim Möbus, Andreas Bluhm, Matthias C. Caro, Albert H. Werner and Cambyse Rouzé
350Arbitrary Polynomial Separations in Trainable Quantum Machine LearningEric Anschuetz and Xun Gao
354Quantum Event Learning and Gentle Random MeasurementsAdam Bene Watts and John Bostanci
355Combinatorial NLTS From the Overlap Gap PropertyEric Anschuetz, David Gamarnik and Bobak Kiani
357High threshold codes for neutral atom qubits with biased erasure errorsKaavya Sahay, Junlan Jin, Jahan Claes, Jeff Thompson and Shruti Puri
364Postselected quantum Shannon theoryKaiyuan Ji, Bartosz Regula, Ludovico Lami and Mark Wilde
365A Knowledge Compilation Map for Quantum InformationLieuwe Vinkhuijzen, Tim Coopmans and Alfons Laarman
366From barren plateaus through fertile valleys: Conic extensions of parameterised quantum circuitsLennart Binkowski, Gereon Koßmann, Tobias J. Osborne, René Schwonnek and Timo Ziegler
367Expressive quantum circuits provide inherent privacy in federated learningNiraj Kumar, Jamie Heredge, Shaltiel Eloul, Changhao Li, Marco Pistoia and Shree Hari Sureshbabu
369Real-time error mitigation for variational optimization on quantum hardwareMatteo Robbiati, Andrea Papaluca, Alejandro Sopena and Stefano Carrazza
374On the Quantum Automatability of Propositional Proof SystemsNoel Arteche, Gaia Carenini and Matthew Gray
378Fidelity-Based Divergence and Its Applications in Bounding Resource Distillation RatesLudovico Lami, Theshani Nuradha Piliththuwasam Gallage, Bartosz Regula, Xin Wang and Mark Wilde
380Bounds on the Rational Degree of Boolean Functions with ApplicationsVishnu Iyer, Siddhartha Jain, Vinayak Kumar, Michael Whitmeyer, Matt Kovacs-Deak, Luke Schaeffer and Daochen Wang
384Simulation of quantum computation with magic states via Jordan-Wigner transformationsMichael Zurel, Lawrence Cohen and Robert Raussendorf
385Infinite Dimensional Asymmetric Quantum Channel DiscriminationBjarne Bergh, Jan Kochanowski, Robert Salzmann and Nilanjana Datta
387Single-shot decoding of good quantum LDPC codesShouzhen Gu, Eugene Tang, Libor Caha, Shin Ho Choe, Zhiyang He and Aleksander Kubica
388Fault-tolerant hyperbolic Floquet quantum error correcting codesAli Fahimniya, Hossein Dehghani, Kishor Bharti, Sheryl Mathew, Alicia Kollár, Alexey Gorshkov and Michael Gullans
405Correcting spanning errors with a fractal codeGeorgia Nixon and Benjamin Brown
409Understanding The QCNN Phase Recognition AlgorithmNathan McMahon and Michael J Hartmann
411Sufficiency of Rényi divergencesNiklas Galke, Lauritz van Luijk and Henrik Wilming
412The importance of being EquivariantPaolo Braccia, Marco Cerezo, Frederic Sauvage, Martin Larocca, Quynh The Nguyen, Louis Schatzki and Micheal Ragone
414Quantum wavelet transforms and fast quantum algorithm for differential equationsMohsen Bagherimehrab, Kouhei Nakaji, Nathan Wiebe and Alan Aspuru-Guzik
421Approximation Algorithms for Quantum Max-d-CutZackary Jorquera, Steven Kordonowy, Stuart Wayland, Alexandra Kolla and Charlie Carlson
423Hamiltonians whose low-energy states require Ω(n) T gatesNolan Coble, Matthew Coudron, Jon Nelson and Seyed Sajjad Nezhadi
432Quantum secure non-malleable randomness encoder and its applicationsRishabh Batra, Naresh Boddu and Rahul Jain
436An efficient classical algorithm for expectation values in any noisy quantum circuitThomas Schuster and Norman Y. Yao
439Bell sampling from quantum circuitsDominik Hangleiter and Michael Gullans
442Revocable Quantum Digital SignaturesTomoyuki Morimae, Alexander Poremba and Takashi Yamakawa
448Tight bounds on Pauli channel learning without entanglementSenrui Chen, Changhun Oh, Sisi Zhou, Hsin-Yuan Huang and Liang Jiang
453A Theory of Digital Quantum Simulations in the Low-Energy SubspaceWeiyuan Gong, Tongyang Li and Shuo Zhou
454Explicit orthogonal and unitary designsRyan O'Donnell, Rocco Servedio and Pedro Paredes
456Modular quantum signal processing in many variablesZane Rossi, Jack Ceroni and Isaac Chuang
458QRAM: A survey and critiqueSamuel Jaques and Arthur Rattew
459Pretty good measurement for bosonic Gaussian ensemblesHemant Mishra, Ludovico Lami, Prabha Mandayam and Mark Wilde
460Propagation of Quantum Information in Tree Networks: Noise Thresholds for Infinite PropagationShiv Akshar Yadavalli and Iman Marvian
462Simulating Entanglement beyond Quantum SteeringYujie Zhang, Jiaxuan Zhang and Eric Chitambar
476Time-Constrained Local Quantum State DiscriminationIan George, Rene Allerstorfer, Philip Verduyn Lunel and Eric Chitambar
477An SU(2)-symmetric Semidefinite Programming Hierarchy for Quantum Max CutJun Takahashi, Chaithanya Rayudu, Cunlu Zhou, Robbie King, Kevin Thompson and Ojas Parekh
486Topological signal processing on quantum computers for higher-order network analysisCaesnan M. G. Leditto, Angus Southwell, Behnam Tonekaboni, Gregory A. L. White, Muhammad Usman and Kavan Modi
491A Cryptographic Perspective on the Verifiability of Quantum AdvantageNai-Hui Chia, Honghao Fu, Fang Song and Penghui Yao
495Provable learning of quantum states with graphical modelsLiming Zhao, Naixu Guo, Ming-Xing Luo and Patrick Rebentrost
500Quadratic Speedup in Finding Nash Equilibria of Quantum Zero-Sum GamesFrancisca Vasconcelos, Emmanouil-Vasileios Vlatakis-Gkaragkounis, Panayotis Mertikopoulos, Georgios Piliouras and Michael I. Jordan
504Error and Disturbance as Irreversibility with Applications: Unified Definition, Wigner—Araki—Yanase Theorem and Out-of-Time-Order CorrelatorHaruki Emori and Hiroyasu Tajima
505The nonequilibrium cost of accurate information processingGiulio Chiribella, Fei Meng, Renato Renner and Man-Hong Yung
506Split-State Non-Malleable Codes and Secret Sharing Schemes for Quantum MessagesNaresh Goud Boddu, Vipul Goyal, Rahul Jain and Joao Ribeiro
511Parity vs. shallow quantum circuits with simple classical postprocessingJoseph Slote
512Local random quantum circuits form approximate designs on arbitrary architecturesShivan Mittal and Nicholas Hunter-Jones
513Hardy-type paradoxes for an arbitrary symmetric bipartite Bell scenarioKai-Siang Chen, Shiladitya Mal, Gelo Noel Tabia and Yeong-Cherng Liang
516Generalized Framework for Fermion-to-Qubit Mappings through Clifford TransformationsJeffery Yu, Yuan Liu, Sina Zeytinoglu, Troy Van Voorhis and Sho Sugiura
519Hunting the Quantum PolymorphismAlexander Meiburg
520Quantum Enhanced-Simulation Based Optimization for Newsvendor ProblemsMonit Sharma, Hoong Chuin Lau and Rudy Raymond
523How to Use Quantum State Indistinguishability Obfuscation: Copy-Protection, and MoreSam Gunn and Andrea Coladangelo
524Learning finitely correlated states: stability of the spectral reconstructionMarco Fanizza, Niklas Galke, Josep Lumbreras, Cambyse Rouzé and Andreas Winter
525A little magic means a lotAndi Gu, Lorenzo Leone, Soumik Ghosh, Jens Eisert, Susanne Yelin and Yihui Quek
531Device-independent certification of quantum devices beyond Born's ruleGelo Noel Tabia, Yeong-Cherng Liang, Jin-Yuan Zheng and Yueh-Ting Shih
535Clifford Group and Unitary Designs under SymmetryYosuke Mitsuhashi and Nobuyuki Yoshioka
539Detecting Entanglement by State Preparation and a Fixed MeasurementJaemin Kim, Anindita Bera, Joonwoo Bae and Dariusz Chruscinski
542On the Impossibility of General Parallel Fast-forwarding of Hamiltonian SimulationNai-Hui Chia, Kai-Min Chung, Yao-Ching Hsieh, Han-Hsuan Lin, Yao-Ting Lin and Yu-Ching Shen
544Total correlation as a touchstone of dynamical quantum phase transitionDebasis Sadhukhan
546A sharp phase transition in linear cross-entropy benchmarkingBrayden Ware, Abhinav Deshpande, Dominik Hangleiter, Pradeep Niroula, Bill Fefferman, Alexey Gorshkov and Michael Gullans
547A robust device-independent quantum protocol for bit commitmentRishabh Batra, Sayantan Chakraborty, Rahul Jain and Upendra Kapshikar
549Near-Optimal Quantum Algorithm for Minimizing the Maximal LossHao Wang, Chenyi Zhang and Tongyang Li
550On the power of geometrically-local classical and quantum circuitsKishor Bharti and Rahul Jain
552Retrieving non-linear features from noisy quantum statesBenchi Zhao, Mingrui Jing, Lei Zhang, Xuanqiang Zhao, Kun Wang and Xin Wang
558Tractable nonlocal games and their theory of approximation algorithmsEric Culf, Hamoon Mousavi and Taro Spirig
637Enhancing Quantum Key Distribution with Entanglement Distillation and Classical Advantage DistillationShin Sun, Kenneth Goodenough and David Elkouss
343A New Decoder and a Lower Bound on the Error Exponent for Classical-Quantum Channel CodingSalman Beigi and Marco Tomamichel
348Quantum complexity theory meets TFNP: Product Quantum Satisfiability on quditsMarco Aldi, Sevag Gharibian and Dorian Rudolph
394The Bethe Ansatz as a Quantum CircuitRoberto Ruiz, Alejandro Sopena, Max Hunter Gordon, Diego García-Martín, Esperanza López and Germán Sierra
487Noise-induced absence of barren plateaus: Non-unital noise can be a friendly foeAntonio Anna Mele, Armando Angrisani, Jens Eisert, Soumik Ghosh, Yihui Quek and Daniel Stilck França
521Efficiently verifiable quantum advantage on near-term analog quantum simulatorsZhenning Liu, Dhruv Devulapalli, Dominik Hangleiter, Yi-Kai Liu, Alicia Kollár, Alexey Gorshkov and Andrew Childs
540Parameterized quantum circuit approximation for smooth functionsZhan Yu, Qiuhao Chen, Yuling Jiao, Yinan Li, Xiliang Lu, Xin Wang and Jerry Zhijian Yang
561Exponential speedups in electric flow sampling using multidimensional quantum walksJianqiang Li and Sebastian Zur
566Impossibility of Statistical NIZK in the Quantum SettingChuhan Lu and Nikhil Pappu
570Exploring the Combined Effects of Bosonic Photon Loss and Dephasing: Anti-degradibility and Quantum CapacitiesVittorio Giovannetti, Ludovico Lami, Francesco Anna Mele and Farzin Salek
571Optimal compilation of parametrised quantum circuitsJohn van de Wetering, Richie Yeung and Aleks Kissinger
572Non-destructive quantum state discrimination with local operationsYoungrong Lim, Minki Hhan and Hyukjoon Kwon
575Architecture-Aware Synthesis of Stabilizer Circuits from Clifford TableausDavid Winderl, Qunsheng Huang, Arianne Meijer van de Griend and Richie Yeung
577Incorporating Zero-Probability Constraints to Device-Independent Randomness CertificationChun-Yu Chen, Kai-Siang Chen, Kai-Min Chung, Min-Hsiu Hsieh, Yeong-Cherng Liang and Gelo Noel Tabia
579Efficient classical simulation of open quantum systems at small hbarDaniel Ranard, Jess Riedel and Felipe Hernández
581Iterative Refinement for more efficient tomography and quantum linear equation solvingMohammadhossein Mohammadisiahroudi, Brandon Augustino, András Gilyén, Ramin Fakhimi, Giacomo Nannicini and Tamás Terlaky
582Fault-tolerant belief propagation decoding of general quantum codesKao-Yueh Kuo and Ching-Yi Lai
585Unconditional Quantum Advantage for Sampling with Shallow Quantum CircuitsNatalie Parham and Adam Bene Watts
587Subsystem CSS codes over prime fieldsMichael Liu, Nathanan Tantivasadakarn and Victor Albert
588Explicability and Inexplicability in the Interpretation of Quantum Neural NetworksLirandë Pira and Chris Ferrie
589Advanced zero noise extrapolation for quantum error mitigationAn Ning
590Quantum Enhanced Inference of Conditional Future Probabilities in Stochastic ProcessesJianjun Chen, Chengran Yang and Mile Gu
591Superstaq: Deep Optimization of Quantum ProgramsVictory Omole
592Hybrid Quantum Neural Network in High-dimensional Data ClassificationHao-Yuan Chen, Shih-Wei Liao and Ching-Ray Chang
593 Mitigation of the Detection Efficiency Loophole through Quantum Computer SimulationsOwen Chen
594Quantum networks with coherent routing of information through multiple nodesHlér Kristjánsson, Yan Zhong, Anthony Munson and Giulio Chiribella
595MNISQ: A Large-Scale Quantum Circuit Dataset for Machine Learning on/for Quantum Computers in the NISQ EraLeonardo Placidi, Ryuichiro Hataya, Toshio Mori, Koki Aoyama, Hayata Morisaki, Kosuke Mitarai and Keisuke Fujii
601Exact and local compression of quantum bipartite statesKohtaro Kato
602A Graphical Language for Computer-aided Design and Synthesis of Quantum AlgorithmsGal Winer and Lior Gazit
603Bayesian quantum phase difference estimation simulations for the direct calculation of fine structure splittingKenji Sugisaki, V. S. Prasannaa, Satoshi Ohshima, Takahiro Katagiri, Yuji Mochizuki, B. K. Sahoo and B. P. Das
604Postselection-free Learning of Measurement-Induced DynamicsMax McGinley
605L0-Regularised Compressed Sensing with Closed-loop Coherent Ising MachinesSudeera Hasaranga Gunathilaka Mastiyage Don, Satoshi Kako, Yoshitaka Inui, Kazushi Mimura, Masato Okada, Yoshihisa Yamamoto and Toru Aonishi
607Utilizing Novel Quantum Counters for Grover’s Algorithm to Solve the Dominating Set ProblemJehn-Ruey Jiang and Qiao-Yi Lin
608Quantum superposition of causal structures as a universal resource for local implementation of nonlocal quantum operationsPratik Ghosal, Arkaprabha Ghosal, Debarshi Das and Ananda Maity
609Quantum signal processing over SU(N): exponential speed-up for polynomial transformations under Shor-like assumptionsLorenzo Laneve
610Device-independent and robust certification of quantum gatesJan Nöller, Nikolai Miklin, Martin Kliesch and Mariami Gachechiladze
611Characterization of Quantum Gate Errors on IBM-Q Superconducting DevicesLi-Chai Shih and Yuan-Chung Cheng
612Quantum Similarity Testing with Convolutional Neural NetworksYadong Wu, Yan Zhu, Ge Bai, Yuexuan Wang and Giulio Chiribella
613Optimizing Quantum Algorithms with Truncated Series for Error Reduction and Depth MinimizationQi Zhao and Yue Wang
614Strictly local Union-FindTim Chan and Simon Benjamin
615Robust and Space-Efficient Dual Adversary Quantum Query AlgorithmsMichael Czekanski, Shelby Kimmel and R. Teal Witter
617Virtual quantum error detectionKento Tsubouchi, Yasunari Suzuki, Yuuki Tokunaga, Nobuyuki Yoshioka and Suguru Endo
618Simulating quantum dynamics on a trapped-ion quantum computerYi-Hsiang Chen
619Inverse design of metasurfaces for narrow-band absorption using Quantum Generative Adversarial NetworksSreeraj Warrier and Jayasri Dontabhaktuni
620Scalable Quantum Computation of Highly Excited Eigenstates with Spectral TransformsShao Hen Chiew and Leong Chuan Kwek
621Extended Quantum Circuit DiagramsWilliam Schober
623Deep thermalization in random quantum circuits with U(1) symmetryRui-An Chang and Matteo Ippoliti
624Recursive Quantum Eigenvalue/Singular-Value Transformation: Matrix Sign Functions by Newton IterationKaoru Mizuta and Keisuke Fujii
625Learning and Discovering  Quantum Properties with Multi-Task Neural NetworksYa-Dong Wu, Yan Zhu, Yuexuan Wang and Giulio Chiribella
626Flexible Error Mitigation of Quantum Processes with Data Augmentation Empowered Neural ModelManwen Liao, Yan Zhu, Giulio Chiribella and Yuxiang Yang
627Prospects of Multivariable Quantum Signal ProcessingHitomi Mori, Kaoru Mizuta and Keisuke Fujii
629Enhancing Noise Tolerance of Quantum Algorithms using Clustering Techniques and Parameterized Quantum CircuitsMengzhen Ren, Yu-Cheng Chen and Alice Hu
630A variational quantum algorithm for binary sentiment analysisEmil Dimitrov, Conor Dunne, Venkatesh Kannan, Yanis Lalou, Pablo Lauret Martínez de Rituerto, Pablo Suárez Vieites, Antonio Villalpando, Richard Wolf, Daiga Deksne and Mārcis Pinnis
631Quantum Error Correction with Hyperinvariant Tensor-Network (HTN) CodesMatthew Steinberg, Rob Harris, David Elkouss, Alexander Jahn and Sebastian Feld
632Why we care (about quantum machine learning)Richard Wolf
633Estimation of Quantum Entropies using Quantum Convolutional Neural NetworksMyeongjin Shin, Junseo Lee and Kabgyun Jeong
634qLDPC: an open-source Python library for quantum low-density parity check codesMichael A. Perlin
635Non-unitary Ground State Searching by Cosine Filtering facilitated by variational methodXiaoyu Zhu
636Deterministic Gaussian ConversionsOliver Hahn, Patric Holmvall, Giulia Ferrini and Alessandro Ferraro
638Measurement of qubits by using quantum dots via mediated electron systemTetsufumi Tanamoto
639Microscopic studies on superconducting devicesYun-Chih Liao
640Quantum Dueling: An efficient solution for combinatorial optimizationLetian Tang, Haorui Wang, Zhengyang Li, Haozhan Tang, Chi Zhang and Shujin Li
642Quantum metrology: A cost-conscious perspectiveYink Loong Len, Tejas Acharya, Alexia Auffeves and Hui Khoon Ng
643Simulating quantum transport via collisional models on a digital quantum computerRebecca Erbanni, Xiansong Xu, Tommaso Demarie and Dario Poletti
644Stability of many-body localization in perturbed Floquet Clifford circuits Marcell Dorian Kovacs, Lluis Masanes and Arijeet Pal
779A Linear Depth Verifier Circuit for the Quantum Fourier TransformAnastasia Moroz, Marcell Dorian Kovacs and Angus Mingare
645Calibrating entangling gates with robust phase estimationJohn Paul Marceaux, Kenneth Rudinger, Akel Hashim and Kevin C. Young
646Distributing Entanglement over Separable NetworksKarthik Mohan, Sung Won Yun and Joonwoo Bae
647Wavefunction branching: when you can't tell pure states from mixed statesJordan Taylor and Ian McCulloch
648Unsupervised learning of quantum many-body scars using intrinsic dimensionHarvey Cao, Daniel Leykam and Dimitris Angelakis
649Nonlocal quantum state ensembles and quantum data hidingDonghoon Ha and Jeong San Kim
650Hidden Quantum Memory: Is Memory There When Somebody Looks?Philip Taranto, Thomas Elliot and Simon Milz
651Unification and Improvement of Quantum Error Mitigation Methods via Generalized Quantum Subspace ExpansionShigeo Hakkaku, Nobuyuki Yoshioka, Yuuki Tokunaga and Suguru Endo
653Families of CSS and Quantum LDPC Codes beating the Surface CodeNikolaos Koukoulekidis, Francisco Revson Fernandes Pereira and Martin Leib
654All-optical state preparation of bosonic quantum error correcting codesMatthew Winnel
655Quantum Physics Meets Natural Language Processing: A Survey and CategorizationSixuan Wu
658Hierarchical Entanglement Structure of Quantum Impurity SystemsDonghoon Kim, Minsoo Kim, Jeongmin Shim and Heung-Sun Sim
659Quantum dynamics with overlapping qubitsLauren Hsing-Tze Li, Jonah Kudler-Flam, Stefan Kehrein and Sarang Gopalakrishnan
661Imperfect Erasure Detection on Surface Code performanceKathleen Chang, Shraddha Singh, Kaavya Sahay, Jahan Claes and Shruti Puri
662Generalized spectral mapping theoremChusei Kiumi, Akito Suzuki and Yohei Tanaka
663Error correctable efficient quantum homomorphic encryptionIl Kwon Sohn, Boseon Kim, Kwangil Bae and Wonhyuk Lee
664Monte Carlo Simulation for Radiation Therapy with Iterative Quantum Amplitude EstimationHyeonseong Jung, Uimin Lee, Pamul Yadav, Junyong Lee and Shiho Kim
665Utilizing Graph Sparsification for Pre-processing in Maxcut QUBO SolverVorapong Suppakitpaisarn and Jin-Kao Hao
666Device-independent certification of desirable properties with a confidence intervalWan-Guan Chang, Kai-Chun Chen, Kai-Siang Chen and Yeong-Cherng Liang
667Emergent non-Markovianity and dynamical quantification of the quantum switchVishal Anand, Ananda Gopal Maity, Subhadip Mitra and Samyadeb Bhattacharya
668Predicting adaptively-chosen observables in quantum systemsJerry Huang, Laura Lewis, Hsin-Yuan Huang and John Preskill
669Exploring the possibilities of a Quantum Walk-based Algorithm for Efficient Node Search in a Binary TreePamul Yadav, Junyong Lee, Uimin Lee, Hyeonseong Jung and Shiho Kim
670Construction of new type of CNOT gate using cross-resonance pulse in the tunable transmon-PPQ systemJeongsoo Kang, Chanpyo Kim and Younghun Kwon
671Tailoring Non-Stabilizer Simulations for Analyzing Fault-Tolerant Error-Correction CodesMark Myers II, Hui Khoon Ng, Mariesa Teo and Jing Hao Chai
672Simulating sparse and shallow Gaussian Boson SamplingZoltán Kolarovszki, Ágoston Kaposi, Tamás Kozsik and Zoltán Zimborás
673Quantum Algorithm for Regularized Spectral ClusteringChangzhou Long, Yasunori Futamura, Xiucai Ye and Tetsuya Sakurai
675A Hybrid Quantum-Classical Algorithm for Sentiment ClassificationSixuan Wu
676Erasure-tolerance protocol for the surface codes on Rydberg atomic quantum computersFumiyoshi Kobayashi and Shota Nagayama
678Machine learning phase transitions: Connections to the Fisher informationJulian Arnold, Niels Lörch, Flemming Holtorf and Frank Schäfer
680Splitting between k-points for Variational Quantum Eigensolver of periodic systemCalvin Ku, Jyh-Pin Chou, Peng-Jen Chen and Alice Hu
681Light-Matter Interaction in the ZXW CalculusGiovanni de Felice, Razin Shaikh, Boldizsár Poór, Lia Yeh, Quanlong Wang and Bob Coecke
682Quantum Algorithms for Simulating Nuclear Effective Field TheoriesJames Watson, Jake Bringewatt, Alex Shaw, Andrew Childs, Zohreh Davoudi and Alexey Gorshkov
685Achieving pure loss channel capacity using GKP codes with near optimal recovery formalismGuo Zheng, Wenhao He, Gideon Lee, Kyungjoo Noh and Liang Jiang
686Error Suppression for Arbitrary-Size Black Box Quantum OperationsGideon Lee, Connor Hann, Shruti Puri, Steven Girvin and Liang Jiang
687On the composable security of weak coin flippingJiawei Wu, Yanglin Hu, Akshay Bansal and Marco Tomamichel
689Quantum Error Mitigation beyond Expectation Value EstimationKecheng Liu and Zhenyu Cai
691Simulation of general measurement on a circuit-based quantum computerSekang Kwon, Donghoon Ha and Jeong San Kim
693Quantum Learning Theory Beyond Batch Binary ClassificationPreetham Mohan and Ambuj Tewari
694End-to-end quantum computation for the Schwinger modelKazuki Sakamoto, Hayata Morisaki, Junichi Haruna, Etsuko Itou, Keisuke Fujii and Kosuke Mitarai
696Noise-robust molecule decomposition for variational quantum eigensolverNaoki Iijima, Satoshi Imamura, Akihiko Kasagi and Eiji Yoshida
6981-Shot Oblivious Transfer and Two-Party Computation from Noisy Quantum StorageManuel Goulão, Ricardo Faleiro and Emmanuel Zambrini Cruzeiro
699Mutual information maximizing quantum generative adversarial network and its applicationsMingyu Lee, Myeongjin Shin, Junseo Lee and Kabgyun Jeong
700Efficient decoding of stabilizer code by single-qubit local operations and classical communicationKoki Shiraishi, Hayata Yamasaki and Mio Murao
701Quantum Next Generation Reservoir Computing: An Efficient Quantum Algorithm for Forecasting Quantum DynamicsApimuk Sornsaeng, Ninnat Dangniam and Thiparat Chotibut
702Decay of spurious contributions to the topological entanglement entropyLaura Cui, Aram Harrow and Daniel Ranard
703Assessing the PLGC Ansatz Performance in Noisy Quantum Settings: A Focus on the Toric CodeYaswitha Gujju, Rongyang Sun, Seiji Yunoki and Tomonori Shirakawa
704High-fidelity, multi-qubit generalized measurements with dynamic circuitsPetr Ivashkov, Gideon Uchehara, Derek S. Wang and Alireza Seif
705Operations on graph states and flowsShin Nishio, Dan Browne and Kae Nemoto
706Feedback control and erasure with a general quantum measurement process: work and the second law of thermodynamicsShintaro Minagawa, Kenta Sakai, Kohtaro Kato and Francesco Buscemi
707Quantum Fluctuation Theorem under Continuous Measurement and FeedbackToshihiro Yada, Nobuyuki Yoshioka and Takahiro Sagawa
708Quantum Critical Enhancement of Classical SamplingAlev Orfi
709Advantage of multi-partite entanglement for quantum cryptography over long and short ranged networksJanka Memmen, Jens Eisert and Nathan Walk
710Increasing quantum key length振浩 余
712Extendibility of OO-statesAdrian Solymos, David Jakab and Zoltán Zimborás
713Towards efficient and generic entanglement detection by machine learningJue Xu and Qi Zhao
714Quantum Algorithm for Initial and Boundary Value ProblemsPhilipp Schleich, Alan Aspuru-Guzik and Nathan Wiebe
715Hamiltonian Learning via Shadow Tomography of Pseudo-Choi StatesJuan Castaneda and Nathan Wiebe
717Hamiltonian Quantum Generative Adversarial NetworksLeeseok Kim, Seth Lloyd and Milad Marvian
718Wave Function Refinement via Quantum Power Lanczos Method Using Generalized Quantum Signal ProcessingViktor Khinevich and Wataru Mizukami
720Quantum gravity as a communication resourceRichard Howl, Ali Akil, Hlér Kristjánsson, Xiaobin Zhao and Giulio Chiribella
721Graph Neural Networks for Enhanced Decoding of Quantum LDPC CodesAnqi Gong, Sebastian Cammerer and Joseph Renes
722Toward a Unified Picture of One-to-One Fermion-to-Qubit TransformsBrent Harrison, Andrew Projansky, Jason Necaise, Joseph Gibson and James Whitfield
723A Theory of Inaccessible InformationJacopo Surace
724Variational Methods for Computing Non-Local Quantum StrategiesJim Furches, Nathan Wiebe and Carlos Ortiz Marrero
725Low-overhead lattice-surgery-based quantum computing with the color codeSeok-Hyung Lee, Felix Thomsen and Stephen D. Bartlett
726Simulating Molecular System with a Qubit-Efficient Error-Mitigated Fermionic EncodingPei-Kai Tsai, Man Hei Cheng and Yu-Cheng Chen
730Generic entanglement transitivity from two-qudit marginals of three-qudit pure statesMu-En Liu, Kai-Siang Chen, Gelo Noel M. Tabia and Yeong-Cherng Liang
732Problem-tailored Simulation of Energy Transport on Noisy Quantum ComputersI-Chi Chen, Klée Pollock, Yong-Xin Yao, Peter Orth and Thomas Iadecola
733 Evaluating cyclic translational symmetry in boson sampling systems with few detectorsTudor Isdraila and Jun-Yi Wu
735Clifford Generation and Initialization of Variational Quantum Classifiers.Bikrant Bhattacharyya and Gokul Subramanian Ravi
736Channel Estimation in Quantum Information Processing Using Condensation AlgorithmJiajun Chen and David Elkouss
737Efficacy of Virtual Purification in Quantum MetrologyHyukgun Kwon, Changhun Oh, Youngrong Lim, Hyunseok Jeong and Liang Jiang
738Advancements in scalable silicon MOS spin qubitsJonathan Huang, Ingvild Hansen, Amanda Seedhouse, Rocky Su, Mengke Feng, Santiago Serrano, Nard Dumoulin Stuyck, Tuomo Tanttu, Fay Hudson, Arne Laucht, Andrew Dzurak, Andre Saraiva and Chih Hwan Yang
739Analysis on teleportation of GKP state with realistic optical squeezing strengthSungjoo Cho and Hyunseok Jeong
740Nonnegative quasiprobability description of qubit stabilizer theoryHo-Joon Kim, Heejin Bae, Jeonghyeon Song, Daemin Lee and Jinhyoung Lee
741On Parallel Quantum Query Complexity of Total FunctionsJoseph Carolan, Amin Shiraz Gilani, Chaitanya Karamchedu and Mahathi Vempati
742Magic state injection for biased error on Heavy-hexagon StructureHansol Kim, Wonjae Choi and Younghun Kwon
743Equivalence between operator spreading and information propagationCheng Shang, Hayato Kinkawa, and Tomotaka Kuwahara
744Addressing stopping failures for small set flip decoding of hypergraph product codesLev Stambler, Anirudh Krishna and Michael Beverland
745Tailoring classical coupled cluster ansatz by quantum computingLuca Erhart, Yuichiro Yoshida, Viktor Khinevich and Wataru Mizukami
747Information reconciliation: blind reconciliation versus an improved Cascade protocolWei-Chen Huang, Chun-Yu Chen, Gelo Noel Tabia and Yeong-Cherng Liang
748Variational quantum algorithm for simulating the time evolution of open quantum systemsSara Santos, Xinyu Song and Vincenzo Savona
749Noise estimation in an entanglement distillation protocolAnanda Maity, Joshua Carlo Casapao, Naphan Benchasattabuse, Michal Hajdušek, Rodney Van Meter and David Elkouss
750A Scalable State Preparation Approach for QSCINaohisa Sueishi and Keita Kanno
751Recurrence in discrete-time stochastic quantum walksIskender Yalcinkaya, Aurél Gábris, Martin Štefaňák, Václav Potoček, Sonja Barkhofen, Christine Silberhorn and Igor Jex
752Generalising matchgates to qudits Avinash Mocherla and Dan Browne
753A comprehensive quantum information module for quantum computingRenato Mello, Leandro Aolita and Stefano Carrazza
754Qibo: an open-source hybrid quantum operating systemEdoardo Pedicillo
755Solving Not-All-Equal 3SAT using Quantum Random Access OptimizationBenedek Hauer, Rudy Raymond and Hiroshi Imai
756Online Learning Quantum States with the Logarithmic Loss via VB-FTRLWei-Fu Tseng, Kai-Chun Chen, Zi-Hong Xiao and Yen-Huan Li
757Quantum Graph Neural Network Taxonomy via Category TheoryYu Hong, Michele Grossi and Sofia Vallecorsa
758Symmetry and asymmetry in Bell-inequality violationHsin-Yu Hsu, Gelo Noel Tabia, Kai-Siang Chen, Bo-An Tsai and Yeong-Cherng Liang
760Simulate Local Observables in Short Time EvolutionWenjun Yu, Qi Zhao and Jue Xu
761Hierarchy of the echo state property in quantum reservoir computingShumpei Kobayashi, Quoc Hoan Tran and Kohei Nakajima
762The multimode conditional quantum Entropy Power Inequality and the squashed entanglement of the extreme multimode bosonic Gaussian channelsAlessandro Falco and Giacomo De Palma
763Classifying Graph state orbits by their marginal structureJarn de Jong, Lina Vandré, Frederik Hahn, Adam Burchardt, Otfried Gühne and Anna Pappa
764Integrating Classical and Quantum Software for Enhanced Simulation of Realistic Chemical SystemsTomoya Shiota, Klaas Gunst, Toru Shiozaki and Wataru Mizukami
765Generalized Quantum Singular Value TransformationChristoph Sünderhauf
766Proof-of-Concept Investigation of a Generalized Shor's Algorithm of 2n+3 Qubits on IBM Quantum ProcessorsYoung-Gon Lee
767Applying the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm to flow problemsSami Boulebnane, Alexander Frei and Catherine White
769Optimizing Variational Quantum Eigensolver CircuitsSeyed Ehsan Ghasempouri, Gerhard Dueck and Stijn De Baerdemacker
770Learning hard distributions with quantum-enhanced Variational AutoencodersAnantha Rao, Dhiraj Madan, Anupama Ray, Dhinakaran Vinayagamurthy and M S Santhanam
773Quantum-inspired attribute selection algorithm: A Fidelity-based Quantum Decision TreeDiksha Sharma, Parvinder Singh and Atul Kumar
774Implementation of quantum non-Markovianity through the convex combination of Pauli semigroups on an NMR quantum processor Vaishali Gulati
775Fracton physics in product codesYi Tan, Brenden Roberts and Norman Yao
776Bounding the minimal average communication cost of nonlocal correlationsSwati Kumari, Kai-Siang Chen, Gelo Noel M. Tabia, Bo-An Tsai and Yeong-Cherng Liang
777Simulation of the performance of different quantum cryptographic protocols in a realistic local area quantum network with single-photon sourcesFenja Drauschke, Daniel A. Vajner, Tobias Heindel and Anna Pappa
780Efficient soft-decision decoding for hierarchical codesNadine Meister, Pattison Chris and John Preskill
781SimPhoQCi: Simulation of photonic circuitsFabian Wiesner, Helen Chrzanowski, Gregor Pieplow, Tim Schröder, Anna Pappa and Janik Wolters
782A Multiple Level Comparative Analysis of Hybrid Quantum-Classical Algorithms: QAOA vs. Logarithmic EncodingMatteo Antonio Inajetovic
784Quantum Parallelized Variational Quantum Eigensolvers for Excited StatesCheng-Lin Hong, Luis Colmenarez, Lexin Ding, Carlos L. Benavides-Riveros and Christian Schilling
786Scaling and performance of variational quantum simulationMario Ponce, Thomas Cope, Martin Leib and Ines de Vega
787Quantum States as Data StructuresShashvat Shukla
788Topological Bulk DiscretizationRonak Ramachandran and Jason Pollack
789Quantum-Safe Privacy-Preserving Authentication Protocol for Smart Metering InfrastructureMeghashrita Das, Kumar Prateek, Sairaaj Surve and Soumyadev Maity
790Arithmetic ZXW Diagrams are PolynomialsEdwin Agnew, Lia Yeh, Razin Shaikh and Richie Yeung
791High-Distance Clifford-Deformed Error-Correcting Local Fermionic EncodingsFedor Simkovic and Francisco Revson Fernandes Pereira
792Universal catalogue of ancilla—free fermion—qubit mappingsMitchell Chiew and Sergii Strelchuk
794A quantum computational approach to linear magnetohydrodynamic stability analysisAbtin Ameri, Patrick Rall, Hari Krovi, Paola Cappellaro and Nuno Loureiro
795Approximate quantum error correction from su(2) statesCheng-Ju Lin, Zi-Wen Liu, Victor Albert and Alexey Gorshkov
796Verification of Quantum ChannelsYusuf Alnawakhtha, Andrew Childs, Carl Miller and Manasi Shingane
797The Quantum Esscher TransformYixian Qiu, Kelvin Koor and Patrick Rebentrost
798Secure bit commitment from separable operationsZiad Chaoui, Matteo Rosati and Anna Pappa
799Self-testing a quantum switchVictor Barizien, Cyril Branciard, Alastair Abbott, Pavel Sekatski and Jean-Daniel Bancal
800Quantifying the performance of quantum processors with dynamic architecturesParth Padia, Shreya Jvs and Alexandre Cooper-Roy
801Randomly Monitored Quantum CodesDongjin Lee and Beni Yoshida
802Quantum non-Markovian noise effects in randomized benchmarkingSrilekha Gandhari and Michael Gullans
803Post-Quantum Secure Recursive Proofs of Isogeny Knowledge with Reduced Time ComplexityKrystal Maughan and Christelle Vincent
804Application of Quantum Computing to solving transient Partial Differential Equations for AerodynamicsYoussef Achari Berrada, Elvira Shishenina and Vincent E. Elfving
805EQCNN : Entanglement based Quantum Convolutional Neural Networks for Satellite Image ClassificationMeghashrita Das and Biswajit Basu
807Transformer Quantum StatesTamra Nebabu, Xiaoliang Qi and Surya Ganguli
808Templates to Optimize Quantum CircuitsMd Mazder Rahman and Gerhard Dueck
810Tightness of the Nagaoka-Hayashi bound in i.i.d. qubit-state estimationJianchao Zhang and Jun Suzuki
811The computable cross-norm in tensor networks and holographyWayne Weng, Alexey Milekhin and Pratik Rath
813Robust estimators of multiparticle indistinguishabilityShawn Geller, Aaron Young, Scott Glancy and Emanuel Knill
817Learning interacting fermionic Hamiltonians at the Heisenberg limitArjun Mirani and Patrick Hayden
819Assessment of noise source and measuring the capabilities of Error Mitigation using mirror circuitsPamul Yadav, Kyungsun Moon and Shiho Kim
821 Enhancement of scalability of NISQ quantum computing through distributed quantum computingShao-Hua Hu, Jun-Yi Wu and George Biswas
822On Simultaneous Information and Energy Transmission through Quantum ChannelsBishal Kumar Das, Lav R. Varshney and Vaibhav Madhok
823Graphical CSS Code Transformation Using ZX CalculusJiaxin Huang, Sarah Meng Li, Lia Yeh, Aleks Kissinger, Michele Mosca and Michael Vasmer
826Handbook for Efficiently Quantifying Robustness of MagicHiroki Hamaguchi, Kou Hamada and Nobuyuki Yoshioka
830New methods for generating QSVT-relevant polynomialsBjorn Berntson
831Global Quantum Communication without Quantum MemorySumit Goswami and Sayandip Dhara
833A hybrid quantum image edge detector for the NISQ eraAlexander Geng, Ali Moghiseh, Claudia Redenbach and Katja Schladitz
3Algorithmic Cluster Expansions for Quantum ProblemsRyan Mann and Romy Minko
5The correspondence principle in light of holographic correspondence and the law of large numbersMinseong Kim
7Implementing any Linear Combination of Unitaries on Intermediate-term Quantum ComputersShantanav Chakraborty
8Contextuality, Coherences, and Quantum Cheshire CatsJonte Hance, Ming Ji and Holger Hofmann
14Semi-Quantum Copy-Protection and MoreCéline Chevalier, Paul Hermouet and Quoc-Huy Vu
18Learning Quantum Processes and Hamiltonians via the Pauli Transfer MatrixMatthias C. Caro
19Scalable Quantum State Tomography with Locally Purified Density Operators and Local MeasurementsYuchen Guo and Shuo Yang
20Parameterized Quantum Circuits by Triangle Qubit ChannelChang Li
21Transition role of entangled data in quantum machine learningXinbiao Wang, Yuxuan Du, Zhuozhuo Tu, Yong Luo, Xiao Yuan and Dacheng Tao
23Quantum error mitigation via matrix product operatorsYuchen Guo and Shuo Yang
24Cloning Games: A General Framework for Unclonable PrimitivesPrabhanjan Ananth, Fatih Kaleoglu and Qipeng Liu
25Quantum phase estimation by compressed sensingChanghao Yi, Cunlu Zhou and Jun Takahashi
28Quantum dynamic simulations in the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick modelLe Bin Ho
30Maximal Quantum Information LeakageFarhad Farokhi
32Efficient preparation of tensor network states with local quantum circuitsZhi-Yuan Wei, Daniel Malz, Georgios Styliaris and Ignacio Cirac
33Analysis of high order dynamical decoupling by relative integral actionChanghao Yi and Milad Marvian
36Encoding a magic state with beyond break-even fidelityRiddhi Gupta, Neereja Sundaresan, Thomas Alexander, Chrisopher Wood, Seth Merkel, Michael Healy, Marius Hillenbrand, Tomas Jochym-O'Connor, James Wootton, Theodore Yoder, Andrew Cross, Maika Takita and Benjamin Brown
38Efficient tensor network simulation of IBM's Eagle kicked Ising experimentJoseph Tindall, Matt Fishman, Miles Stoudenmire and Dries Sels
41Pseudorandom unitaries are neither real nor sparse nor noise-robustTobias Haug, Kishor Bharti and Dax Enshan Koh
42Entanglement detection with trace polynomialsAlbert Rico and Felix Huber
45Energy Preserving Evolutions over Bosonic systems - A Perturbation Theory for the cat-codeTim Möbus, Paul Gondolf and Cambyse Rouzé
47Huckel Molecular Orbital Theory on a Quantum Computer: A Machine Learning Assisted VQE ApproachHarshdeep Singh, Sabyashachi Mishra and Sonjoy Majumder
48On the Study of Partial Qubit Hamiltonian for Efficient Molecular Simulation Using Variational Quantum EigensolversHarshdeep Singh, Sabyashachi Mishra and Sonjoy Majumder
49Subspace correction for constraintsKelly Pawlak, Jonathan King and Jeffery Epstein
50Robust Dequantization of the Quantum Singular value Transformation and Quantum Machine Learning AlgorithmsFrancois Le Gall
51Occam's razor for quantum simulationsLane Gunderman, Andrew Jena and Luca Dellantonio
52Bayesian inference of quantum devicesMichele Dall'Arno
54The coherent measurement cost of coherence distillationVarun Narasimhachar
57Channeling quantum criticalityYijian Zou, Shengqi Sang and Timothy H. Hsieh
58The Space-Time Cost of Purifying Quantum ComputationsMark Zhandry
59Mixed-State Long-Range Order and Criticality from Measurement and FeedbackTsung-Cheng Lu, Zhehao Zhang, Sagar Vijay and Timothy Hsieh
65Entropy Accumulation under Post-Quantum Cryptographic AssumptionsIlya Merkulov and Rotemrotem Arnon-Friedmanarnon-Friedman
68Belief propagation as a partial decoderLaura Caune, Joan Camps, Brendan Reid and Earl Campbell
71Binding affinity predictions with hybrid quantum-classical convolutional neural networksLaia Domingo, Marko Djukic, Christine Johnson and Florentino Borondo
72Dissipative Dynamics of Graph-State Stabilizers with Superconducting QubitsLiran Shirizly, Grégoire Misguich and Haggai Landa
76Realizing the Nishimori transition across the error threshold for constant-depth quantum circuitsEdward Chen, Guo-Yi Zhu, Ruben Verresen, Alireza Seif, Elisa Baümer, David Layden, Nathanan Tantivasadakarn, Guanyu Zhu, Sarah Sheldon, Ashvin Vishwanath, Simon Trebst and Abhinav Kandala
82On the Role of Entanglement and Statistics in LearningSrinivasan Arunachalam, Vojtech Havlicek and Louis Schatzki
87On Quantum Money and Evasive ObfuscationMark Zhandry
90Dissipative ground state preparation and the Dissipative Quantum EigensolverToby Cubitt
91Quantum-Classical Separations in Shallow-Circuit-Based Learning with and without NoisesWeiyuan Gong, Dong-Ling Deng, Zhihan Zhang and Weikang Li
94Stabilizer Codes with Exotic Local-dimensionsLane Gunderman
95Quantum classifier with quantum trainingWojciech Roga, Baptiste Chevalier and Masahiro Takeoka
97All pure bipartite entangled states can be semi-self-tested with only one measurement setting on each partyLijinzhi Lin, Zhenyu Chen, Xiaodie Lin and Zhaohui Wei
98Tensor Network Assisted Variational Quantum AlgorithmJunxiang Huang, Bujiao Wu and Xiao Yuan
101Nonclassicality in correlations without causal orderRavi Kunjwal and Ognyan Oreshkov
103Virtual mitigation of coherent non-adiabatic transitions by echo verificationBenjamin Schiffer, Dyon Dyon van Vreumingen, Jordi Tura Brugués and Stefano Polla
106An in-principle super-polynomial quantum advantage for approximating combinatorial optimization problemsNiklas Pirnay, Vincent Ulitzsch, Frederik Wilde, Jens Eisert and Jean-Pierre Seifert
107Lie-algebraic classical simulations for variational quantum computingMatthew Goh, Martin Larocca, Lukasz Cincio, Marco Cerezo and Frederic Sauvage
111Quantum Volume for Photonic Quantum ProcessorsYuxuan Zhang, Daoheng Niu, Alireza Shabani and Hassan Shapourian
112All-photonic one-way quantum repeaters with measurement-based error correctionDaoheng Niu, Yuxuan Zhang, Alireza Shabani and Hassan Shapourian
117Fast Quantum Algorithm for Attention ComputationYeqi Gao, Zhao Song, Xin Yang and Ruizhe Zhang
119A simpler security proof for 6-state quantum key distributionKaan Akyuz and Boris Skoric
123Optimal quantum metrology for two-photon absorption parameter estimationAthena Karsa, Ranjith Nair, Andy Chia, Kwang-Geol Lee and Changhyoup Lee
127Multipartite to tripartite reductions for LU and SLOCC equivalencesZhili Chen, Joshua Grochow, Youming Qiao, Gang Tang and Chuanqi Zhang
130Multipartite entanglement theory with entanglement-nonincreasing operationsAlexander Streltsov
131Simultaneous superadditivity of the direct and complementary channel capacitiesSatvik Singh and Sergii Strelchuk
132Tabletop Reversibility of Processes, and Product-Preserving MapsClive Cenxin Aw, Lin Htoo Zaw, Valerio Scarani and María Balanzó Juandó
133Odd prime mixed stabilizer circuits are affine coisotropic relations: and Pauli measurements are linear relationsCole Comfort
137Logical level compilation of quantum circuits using algorithm-specific graphMadhav Krishnan Vijayan, Alexandru Paler, Jason Gavriel, Casey Myers, Peter Rohde and Simon Devitt
138Shadows of quantum machine learningSofiene Jerbi, Casper Gyurik, Simon Marshall, Riccardo Molteni and Vedran Dunjko
140Phase shift rule with the optimal parameter selectionLiubov Markovich, Savvas Malikis, Stefano Polla and Jordi Tura Brugues
141Unclonable NIZKRuta Jawale and Dakshita Khurana
142Efficient Simulation of Leakage Errors in Quantum Error Correcting Codes Using Tensor Network MethodsHidetaka Manabe, Yasunari Suzuki and Andrew Darmawan
143Quantum complexity phase transitions in monitored random circuitsRyotaro Suzuki, Jonas Haferkamp, Jens Eisert and Philippe Faist
145Quantum Hypercontractive Inequalities and Their Applications in Common Randomness GenerationZongbo Bao, Yangjing Dong, Fengning Ou and Penghui Yao
147Tracial embeddable strategies: Lifting MIP* tricks to MIPcoJunqiao Lin
150Correlation Data Based Machine Learning Framework for Entanglement Certification and QuantificationXiaodie Lin, Zhenyu Chen and Zhaohui Wei
151Ultimate-rate quantum repeaters for quantum communicationsMatthew Winnel
152Quantum Communication Complexity of Classical AuctionsAviad Rubinstein and Zixin Zhou
153Critical quantum metrology assisted by real-time feedback controlRaffaele Salvia, Mohammad Mehboudi and Martí Perarnau-Llobet
155Quantum Algorithm for Estimating Betti numbers Using Cohomology Approach Nhat Anh Nghiem, Tzu-Chieh Wei and Xianfeng Gu
157Universal quantum computing with qubits embedded in trapped-ion quditsAnastasiia Nikolaeva, Evgeniy Kiktenko and Aleksey Fedorov
159Practical limitations of quantum data propagation on noisy quantum processorsGaurav Saxena, Ahmed Shalabi and Thi Ha Kyaw
161Probing multipartite entanglement through persistent homologyGregory A. Hamilton and Felix Leditzky
162Oblivious Transfer from Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Or How to Achieve Round-Optimal Quantum Oblivious Transfer and Zero-Knowledge Proofs on Quantum StatesLéo Colisson, Garazi Mugura and Florian Speelman
168One Clean Qubit Suffices for Quantum Communication AdvantageUma Girish, Srinivasan Arunachalam and Noam Lifshitz
169Spectrum Estimation of Many-Body Hamiltonians by Time EvolutionKaelyn Ferris, Zihang Wang, Nick Bronn, Itay Hen, Amir Kalev and Vojtech Vlcek
171Preparing thermal states on noiseless and noisy programmable quantum processorsOles Shtanko and Ramis Movassagh
177Quantum Stochastic Coordinate Descent for Learning and OptimizationMohsen Heidari and Wojciech Szpankowski
178Agnostic Learning of k-Qubit Quantum Operators via Pauli DecompositionMohsen Heidari and Wojciech Szpankowski
180Quantum speedups for stochastic optimizationAaron Sidford and Chenyi Zhang
181Obfuscation of Pseudo-Deterministic Quantum CircuitsJames Bartusek, Fuyuki Kitagawa, Ryo Nishimaki and Takashi Yamakawa
182Secure Computation with Shared EPR Pairs (Or: How to Teleport in Zero-Knowledge)James Bartusek, Dakshita Khurana and Akshayaram Srinivasan
184A new quantum convolution and its applicationsKaifeng Bu, Weichen Gu and Arthur Jaffe
185Accelerating Quantum Optimal Control of Multi-Qubit Systems with Symmetry-Based Hamiltonian TransformationsXian Wang, Mahmut Sait Okyay and Bryan M. Wong
186Advantages of Qubit-Boson Circuits for Simulating Lattice Gauge TheoriesEleanor Crane, Alec Eickbusch, Stefan Kuhn, Kevin Smith, Teague Tomesh, Lena Funke, John Martyn, Alexander Schuckert, Michael Demarco, Isaac Chuang, Nathan Wiebe and Steven Girvin
187Heisenberg-limited Hamiltonian learning for interacting bosonsHaoya Li, Yu Tong, Hongkang Ni, Tuvia Gefen and Lexing Ying
190Quantum Maps Between CPTP and HPTPNingping Cao, Maxwell Fitzsimmons, Zachary Mann, Rajesh Pereira and Raymond Laflamme
192Every Action in Every Code is Fault Tolerant: Fault Tolerance Quantum Computation in Quotient Algebra PartitionZheng-Yao Su
200Implementing quantum dimensionality reduction for non-Markovian stochastic simulationChengran Yang, Kang-Da Wu, Ren-Dong He, Mile Gu, Guoyong Xiang, Chuan-Feng Li, Guang-Can Guo and Thomas Elliott
203IQP Sampling and Verifiable Quantum Advantage: Stabilizer Scheme and Classical SecurityMichael Bremner, Bin Cheng and Zhengfeng Ji
210How close can we approach the asymptotic limits of quantum metrology?Lorcan Conlon
212Towards Optimal Convergence Rates for the Quantum Central Limit TheoremSalman Beigi and Hami Mehrabi
220Transversal Diagonal Logical Operators of Stabiliser CodesMark Webster, Stephen Bartlett and Armanda Quintavalle
225The testing range of quantum statistical models and measurementsMichele Dall'Arno and Francesco Buscemi
233Problem-Dependent Power of Quantum Neural Networks on Multi-Class ClassificationYuxuan Du, Yibo Yang, Dacheng Tao and Min-Hsiu Hsieh
234Fault Tolerant Quantum Error MitigationAlvin Gonzales, Anjala Babu, Ji Liu, Zain Saleem and Mark Byrd
236A transcendental toolbox in quantum information theoryVjosa Blakaj, Michael Wolf and Chokri Manai
237Quantum spherical codesShubham P. Jain, Joseph Iosue, Alexander Barg and Victor V. Albert
238Problem Specific Classical Optimization of Hamiltonian SimulationRefik Mansuroglu, Felix Fischer and Michael Hartmann
240Issues on the Precision Limits of Quantum Parameter Estimation - Technical Solutions Based on High-Order Optical ModesBinke Xia, Jingzheng Huang and Guihua Zeng
241The shadows of quantum gravity on Bell’s inequality and its application in quantum cryptographyHamid Tebyanian, Hooman Moradpour and Shahram Jalalzadeh
242Non-Interactive Classical Verification of Quantum Depth: A Fine-Grained CharacterizationNai-Hui Chia and Shih-Han Hung
243Fermionic Hamiltonians without trivial low-energy statesYaroslav Herasymenko, Anurag Anshu, Barbara Terhal and Jonas Helsen
247Entanglement and Rényi entropies in many-body non- Hermitian quantum systemsPo-Yao Chang, Yi-Ting Tu and Yu-Chin Tzeng
251On the average-case complexity of learning output distributions of quantum circuitsMarcel Hinsche, Marios Ioannou, Alexander Nietner, Ryan Sweke, Jens Eisert, Jonas Haferkamp and Richard Kueng
252Magic of quantum hypergraph statesJunjie Chen, Yuxuan Yan and You Zhou
255Quantum Ridgelet Transform: Winning Lottery Ticket of Neural Networks with Quantum ComputationHayata Yamasaki, Sathyawageeswar Subramanian, Satoshi Hayakawa and Sho Sonoda
260No distributed quantum advantage for approximate graph coloringXavier Coiteux-Roy, Francesco d'Amore, Rishikesh Gajjala, Fabian Kuhn, Francois Le Gall, Henrik Lievonen, Augusto Modanese, Marc-Olivier Renou, Gustav Schmid and Jukka Suomela
267State preparation by shallow circuits using feed forwardHarry Buhrman, Marten Folkertsma, Bruno Loff and Niels Neumann
270Efficient learning of $t$-doped stabilizer states with single-copy measurementsNai-Hui Chia, Ching-Yi Lai and Han-Hsuan Lin
271Fault-tolerant quantum computation of molecular observablesMark Steudtner, Sam Morley-Short, William Poll, Sukin Sim, Cristian L. Cortes, Matthias Loipersberger, Robert M. Parrish, Matthias Degroote, Nikolaj Moll, Raffaele Santagati and Michael Streif
273Ergodic theory of local diagonal orthogonal invariant brickwork unitary circuitsSatvik Singh, Nilanjana Datta and Ion Nechita
275Group twirling and noise tailoring for multi-qubit controlled phase gatesGuoding Liu, Ziyi Xie, Zitai Xu and Xiongfeng Ma
276On steering in the C*-algebraic frameworkMichał Banacki
278Continuity of quantum channels interaction versus signalling and causal influencePaolo Perinotti, Alessandro Tosini and Leonardo Vaglini
281Order p quantum Wasserstein distances from couplingsDaniel Stilck França and Emily Beatty
285More Quantum Chemistry with Fewer QubitsJakob Günther, Alberto Baiardi, Markus Reiher and Matthias Christandl
286Designs from Local Random Quantum Circuits with SU$(d)$ SymmetryZimu Li, Han Zheng, Junyu Liu, Liang Jiang and Zi-Wen Liu
292Limitations of Noisy Quantum Devices in Computational and Entangling PowerYuxuan Yan, Zhenyu Du, Junjie Chen and Xiongfeng Ma
293Subsystem decompositions of quantum circuits and processes with indefinite causal orderJulian Wechs and Ognyan Oreshkov
295Stabilizer circuit verificationVadym Kliuchnikov, Michael Beverland and Adam Paetznick
296Controlling Merlin’s Steering Wand in an Interactive Test of EntanglementAby Philip, Soorya Rethinasamy, Vincent Russo and Mark Wilde
299Quantum Query Complexity of Boolean Functions under Indefinite Causal OrderAlastair Abbott, Mehdi Mhalla and Pierre Pocreau
303Expressivity and Generalization Ability of Trace-induced Quantum KernelsBeng Yee Gan, Supanut Thanasilp, Daniel Leykam and Dimitris G. Angelakis
306Fault-tolerant quantum computing with GHZ-state measurementsBrendan Pankovich, Angus Kan, Kwok Ho Wan, Maike Ostmann, Alex Neville, Srikrishna Omkar, Adel Sohbi and Kamil Bradler
308Optimisation of time-ordered processes in the finite and asymptotic regimeMirjam Weilenmann, Costantino Budroni and Miguel Navascues
316Holonomic quantum computation: a scalable adiabatic architectureJose Carrasco, Tommaso Guaita and Clara Wassner
317General properties of fidelity in non-Hermitian quantum systems with PT symmetryYi-Ting Tu, Iksu Jang, Po-Yao Chang and Yu-Chin Tzeng
327Exponential Quantum Communication Advantage in Distributed LearningDar Gilboa and Jarrod McClean
329Noisy Quantum Batteries: the role of quantum effects in energy protectionSalvatore Tirone, Raffaele Salvia, Stefano Chessa and Vittorio Giovannetti
331High Capacity Noisy Unruh-DeWitt Quantum Channels with Bosonic Dephasing.Eric Aspling and Michael Lawler
332Irreversibility without complementarityMarco Erba, Paolo Perinotti, Davide Rolino and Alessandro Tosini
333Maximizing quantum expectation values over time is NEXP-hardLennart Bittel, Sevag Gharibian and Martin Kliesch
334Tangling schedules eases hardware connectivity requirements for quantum error correctionGyorgy Pal Geher, Ophelia Crawford and Earl T. Campbell
340Scalable Noisy Quantum Circuits with Biased Noise QubitsMoein Naseri, Marco Fellous Asiani, Chandan Datta, Alexander Streltsov and Michal Oszmaniec
341Completeness of qufinite ZXW calculus, a graphical language for mixed-dimensional quantum computingQuanlong Wang and Boldizsár Poór
343A New Decoder and a Lower Bound on the Error Exponent for Classical-Quantum Channel CodingSalman Beigi and Marco Tomamichel
346An Uncertainty Principle for the Curvelet Transform, and the Infeasibility of Quantum Algorithms for Finding Short Lattice VectorsYi-Kai Liu
347Entanglement, geometry, and topology of molecular position statesVictor V. Albert, Eric Kubischta and Mikhail Lemeshko
349Approximate Quantum State Preparation is Iterated Sparse State Preparation on Linear Nearest Neighbor ArchitecturesRalph Wang, Akshay Ajagekar and Fengqi You
351Floquet codes from anyon condensation in the color codeMarkus Kesselring, Julio Carlos Magdalena de la Fuente, Felix Thomsen, Jens Eisert, Stephen Bartlett and Benjamin Brown
352On Concurrent Multi-Party Quantum ComputationVipul Goyal, Xiao Liang and Giulio Malavolta
356Embracing the utility-scale quantum eraSheshashayee Raghunathan
358A case study against QSVT: assessment of quantum phase estimation improved by signal processing techniquesSean Greenaway, William Pol and Sukin Sim
359Wave Matrix Lindbladization: Sample-Based Simulation of Markovian DynamicsDhrumil Patel and Mark Wilde
360Disentanglers from Unentanglement with Applications to Quantum ComplexityFernando Jeronimo and Pei Wu
361A quantum algorithm for the solution of the 0-1 knapsack problemSören Wilkening, Andreea-Iulia Lefterovici, Lennart Binkowski, Michael Perk, Sándor Fekete and Tobias J. Osborne
363Quantum Computational Complexity and SymmetrySoorya Rethinasamy, Margarite LaBorde and Mark Wilde
368Bonsai Algorithm: Grow Your Own Fermion-to-Qubit MappingsAaron Miller, Zoltán Zimborás, Stefan Knecht, Sabrina Maniscalco and Guillermo García-Pérez
370Quantum Pufferfish Privacy: A Flexible Privacy Framework for Quantum SystemsTheshani Nuradha Piliththuwasam Gallage, Ziv Goldfeld and Mark Wilde
372Topological methods for studying contextuality: N-cycle scenarios and beyondAziz Kharoof, Selman Ipek and Cihan Okay
373The Generalized Capacity of a Quantum ChannelZahra Baghali Khanian
376Modular decoding: parallelizable real-time decoding for quantum computersHector Bombin, Chris Dawson, Ye-Hua Liu, Naomi Nickerson, Fernando Pastawski and Sam Roberts
379Information-theoretic generalization bounds for learning from quantum dataMatthias C. Caro, Tom Gur, Cambyse Rouzé, Daniel Stilck França and Sathyawageeswar Subramanian
382SPOQC: a Spin-Optical Quantum Computing architectureGrégoire de Gliniasty, Pierre-Emmanuel Emeriau, Paul Hilaire, Shane Mansfield, Alexia Salavrakos and Stephen Wein
383Solving the semidefinite relaxation of QUBOs in matrix multiplication time, and faster with a quantum computerBrandon Augustino, Giacomo Nannicini, Tamás Terlaky and Luis Zuluaga
386Unifying (Quantum) Statistical and Parametrized (Quantum) AlgorithmsAlexander Nietner
390Parameter Estimation of Gravitational Waves with a Quantum Metropolis AlgorithmGabriel Escrig, Roberto Campos, Pablo A M Casares and Miguel Angel Martin-Delgado
391Small k-pairable statesNathan Claudet, Mehdi Mhalla and Simon Perdrix
396Efficient classical surrogate simulation of quantum circuitsManuel Rudolph, Enrico Fontana, Ross Duncan, Ivan Runger, Zoe Holmes, Lukasz Cincio and Cristina Cirstoiu
397On Split-State Quantum Tamper Detection and Non-MalleabilityThiago Bergamaschi and Naresh Goud Boddu
398Constructions and performance of hyperbolic and semi-hyperbolic Floquet codesOscar Higgott and Nikolas Breuckmann
399The cost of solving linear differential equations on a quantum computer: fast-forwarding to explicit resource countsDavid Jennings, Matteo Lostaglio, Robert B Lowrie, Sam Pallister and Andrew T Sornborger
401Exponential speedups for quantum walks in random hierarchical graphsShankar Balasubramanian, Tongyang Li and Aram Harrow
402Quantum Metropolis Solver (QMS): Sample and search technique for optimization problemsRoberto Campos Ortiz, Pablo Antonio Moreno Casares and Miguel Angel Martin-Delgado
403Efficient quantum linear solver algorithm with detailed running costsDavid Jennings, Matteo Lostaglio, Sam Pallister, Andrew Sornborger and Yigit Subasi
404Quantum computation of stopping power for inertial fusion target designNicholas Rubin, Dominic Berry, Alina Kononov, Fionn Malone, Tanuj Khattar, Alec White, Joonho Lee, Hartmut Neven, Ryan Babbush and Andrew Baczewski
406Hardness results for decoding the surface code with Pauli noiseAlex Fischer and Akimasa Miyake
407Optimal Lattice Surgery Subroutine Compiler for Fault-Tolerant Quantum ComputingDaniel Bochen Tan, Murphy Yuezhen Niu and Craig Gidney
408Learning marginals suffices!Nengkun Yu and Tzu-Chieh Wei
413Symmetries as Commutant AlgebrasSanjay Moudgalya and Olexei Motrunich
415Learning the eigenstructure of quantum dynamics using classical shadowsAtithi Acharya, Anirvan Sengupta, Siddhartha Saha, Shagesh Sridharan and Yanis Bahroun
417Verifiable quantum advantage with peaked circuit samplingScott Aaronson and Yuxuan Zhang
418Increasing error tolerance in quantum computers with dynamic bias arrangementHector Bombin, Chris Dawson, Naomi Nickerson, Mihir Pant and Jordan Sullivan
420Classical shadows with Pauli-invariant unitary ensemblesKaifeng Bu, Dax Koh, Roy Garcia and Arthur Jaffe
422Quantum Lego and XP Stabilizer CodesRuohan Shen, Yixu Wang and Chunjun Cao
426Learning Properties of Quantum States Beyond the I.I.D. AssumptionAadil Oufkir, Omar Fawzi, Richard Kueng and Damian Markham
431Complete hierarchy of upper bounds for uncertainty relationsMoisés Bermejo Morán and Felix Huber
433Complexity-constrained quantum thermodynamicsAnthony Munson, Naga Teja Bhavya Kothakonda, Jonas Haferkamp, Nicole Yunger Halpern, Jens Eisert and Philippe Faist
434Bounding Entanglement with Contracted GraphsWilliam Munizzi, Cynthia Keeler and Jason Pollack
437Relaxations and Exact Solutions to Quantum Max Cut via the Algebraic Structure of Swap OperatorsAdam Bene Watts, Anirban Chowdhury, Aidan Epperly, J. William Helton and Igor Klep
441One Weird Trick Tightens the Quantum Adversary Bound, Especially for Success Probability Close to $1/2$Duyal Yolcu
443Quantum computation from dynamic automorphism codesMargarita Davydova, Nathanan Tantivasadakarn, Shankar Balasubramanian and David Aasen
444Unclonable Commitments and ProofsVipul Goyal, Giulio Malavolta and Justin Raizes
445Weakening Assumptions for Publicly-Verifiable DeletionJames Bartusek, Dakshita Khurana, Giulio Malavolta, Alexander Poremba and Michael Walter
450Quantum Dynamics is When Nothing HappensJohn DeBrota, Christopher Fuchs and Ruediger Schack
452A generalized framework for quantum state discrimination, efficient algorithms, and applications to the quantum change point problemAnkith Mohan, Jamie Sikora and Sarvagya Upadhyay
461No-Go Theorems on Fidelity-Preserving Entanglement PurificationAllen Zang, Xinan Chen, Eric Chitambar, Martin Suchara and Tian Zhong
463Quantum memoization for a new recursive diagonalization quantum algorithmMarek Gluza, Jeongrak Son, Ryuji Takagi and Nelly H. Y. Ng
464On the optimal error exponents for classical and quantum antidistinguishabilityHemant Mishra, Michael Nussbaum and Mark Wilde
465Mixed-state Quantum Phases: Local Channel Transformations, Renormalization, and Quantum Error CorrectionShengqi Sang, Yijian Zou and Timothy H. Hsieh
466Time discretization of near-adiabatic quantum dynamics with a large time step sizeDong An, Pedro C. S. Costa and Dominic W. Berry
467The NISQ Complexity of Collision FindingYassine Hamoudi, Qipeng Liu and Makrand Sinha
468Synthesis of Energy-Conserving Quantum Circuits with XY interactionGe Bai and Iman Marvian
470A quantum central path algorithm for linear optimizationBrandon Augustino, Jiaqi Leng, Giacomo Nannicini, Tamas Terlaky and Xiaodi Wu
471Transition of Anticoncentration in Gaussian Boson SamplingAdam Ehrenberg, Joseph Iosue, Abhinav Deshpande, Dominik Hangleiter and Alexey Gorshkov
472Ideal random quantum circuits pass the LXEB testNicholas Hunter-Jones, Scott Aaronson and Jonas Haferkamp
473Engineering Floquet codes by rewindingArpit Dua, Nathanan Tantivasadakarn, Joseph Sullivan and Tyler Ellison
474Creation of Non-Abelian Topological Order and Anyons on a Trapped-Ion ProcessorMohsin Iqbal, Nathanan Tantivasadakarn, Ruben Verresen, Sara L. Campbell, Joan M. Dreiling, Caroline Figgatt, John P. Gaebler, Jacob Johansen, Michael Mills, Steven A. Moses, Juan Pino, Anthony Ransford, Mary Rowe, Peter Siegfried, Russell Stutz, Michael Foss-Feig, Ashvin Vishwanath and Henrik Dreyer
475Theory of Quantum Circuits with Abelian SymmetriesIman Marvian
478Gibbs Sampling of Periodic Potentials on a Quantum ComputerArsalan Motamedi and Pooya Ronagh
479Resource-Dependent Complexity of Quantum ChannelsRoy Araiza, Yidong Chen, Marius Junge and Peixue Wu
481Deep quantum neural networks form Gaussian processesDiego García-Martín, Martín Larocca and Marco Cerezo
482Qubit and Gate Efficient Encodings for Second-Quantized Few-Fermion SystemsJoseph Carolan and Luke Schaeffer
483Generalized Hybrid Search and ApplicationsAlexandru Cojocaru, Juan Garay and Fang Song
484Unclonable Secret SharingPrabhanjan Ananth, Vipul Goyal, Jiahui Liu and Qipeng Liu
488Quantum sensing of phase-covariant optical channelsRanjith Nair and Mile Gu
489On the Fine-Grained Query Complexity of Symmetric FunctionsSupartha Podder, Penghui Yao and Zekun Ye
490Closest lattice point decoding for multimode Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill codesMao Lin, Christopher Chamberland and Kyungjoo Noh
492Fundamental Limits of Entanglement Distribution From a Central SourceXinan Chen and Eric Chitambar
493Fault-tolerant complexesNaomi Nickerson, Sam Roberts, Mihir Pant, Fernando Pastawski, Yehua Liu, Hector Bombin, Chris Dawson and Terry Farrelly
496Area law for the maximally mixed ground state in degenerate 1D gapped systemsItai Arad, Raz Firanko and Rahul Jain
497Non-Clifford and parallelizable fault-tolerant logical gates on constant and almost-constant rate homological quantum LDPC codes via higher symmetriesGuanyu Zhu, Shehryar Sikander, Elia Portnoy, Andrew Cross and Benjamin Brown
498Recurrent generation of maximally entangled single particle states via quantum walks on cyclic graphsDinesh Kumar Panda and Colin Benjamin
499A quantum tug of war between randomness and symmetries on homogeneous spacesRahul Arvind, Kishor Bharti, Jun Yong Khoo, Dax Enshan Koh and Jian Feng Kong
501Switching global correlations on and off in a many-body quantum state by tuning local entanglementColin Benjamin and Aditya Dash
503One-Shot Non-Catalytic Distributed Purity DistillationSayantan Chakraborty, Rahul Jain and Pranab Sen
507Efficient Quantum Simulation of Solid-State Materials via PseudopotentialsDominic Berry, Nicholas Rubin, Ryan Babbush, Joonho Lee, Ahmed Elnabawy, Gabriele Ahlers, Eugene DePrince and Christian Gogolin
508Fast and Practical Quantum-Inspired Classical Algorithms for Solving Linear SystemsQian Zuo and Tongyang Li
509Fast quantum integer multiplication with low overhead and few ancillasGregory D. Kahanamoku-Meyer and Norman Y. Yao
515Erasure Qubits: Theory & ExperimentAleksander Kubica, Arbel Haim, Yotam Vaknin, Harry Levine, Fernando Brandao and Alex Retzker
517Public-Key Encryption with Quantum KeysKhashayar Barooti, Alex Grilo, Loïs Huguenin-Dumittan, Giulio Malavolta, Or Sattath, Quoc-Huy Vu and Michael Walter
522Quantum algorithms for the pathfinding problem via quantum electrical flowJianqiang Li
526Exponential speedup of quantum algorithms for the pathfinding problemJianqiang Li
528On quantum kernel methods beyond quantum feature mapsElies Gil-Fuster, Jens Eisert and Vedran Dunjko
529Rotationally-Invariant Circuits: Why SU(2) is specialIman Marvian, Hanqing Liu and Austin Hulse
530Stochastic Quantum Sampling for Non-Logconcave Distributions and Estimating Partition FunctionsXiantao Li, Mehrdad Mahdavi, Guneykan Ozgul and Chunhao Wang
532Robust Quantum Public-Key Encryption with Applications to Quantum Key DistributionGiulio Malavolta and Michael Walter
533Information compression via hidden subgroup quantum autoencodersFeiyang Liu, Kaiming Bian, Fei Meng, Wen Zhang and Oscar Dahlsten
534Universal Quantum Speedups for Mixed Integer ProgrammingShouvanik Chakrabarti, Pierre Minssen, Romina Yalovetzky and Marco Pistoia
536Polynomial-time Classical Simulation of Roetteler’s Shifted Bent Function AlgorithmLucas S. Stinchcombe and Matthew Amy
537Quantum energetic advantages for agents executing complex strategies onlineJayne Thompson, Paul Riechers, Andrew Garner, Thomas Elliott and Mile Gu
538A new twist on the Majorana surface code: Bosonic and fermionic defects for fault-tolerant quantum computationCampbell McLauchlan and Benjamin Beri
541Quantum trapdoor functions from classical one-way functionsAndrea Coladangelo
545Complexity of Gaussian quantum optics with a limited number of non-linearitiesMichael Gide Jabbour and Leonardo Novo
548Classifying fermionic states via many-body correlation measuresMykola Semenyakin, Yevheniia Cheipesh and Yaroslav Herasymenko
551Unbounded Quantum Advantage in One-Way Strong Communication Complexity of a Distributed Clique Labelling RelationSumit Rout, Nitica Sakharwade, Som Sankar Bhattacharya, Ravishankar Ramanathan and Pawel Horodecki
554Two instances of random access code in the quantum regimeNitica Sakharwade, Michal Studzinski, Michal Eckstein and Pawel Horodecki
555QbC: Quantum Correctness by ConstructionAnurudh Peduri, Ina Schaefer and Michael Walter
556Unbounded Leakage-Resilience and Leakage-Detection in a Quantum WorldAlper Çakan, Vipul Goyal, Chen-Da Liu-Zhang and João Ribeiro
557Classically efficiently simulation through generalised separabilitySahar Atallah, Michael Garn, Yukuan Tao and Shashank Virmani
560Oracle separation of QMA and QCMA with bounded adaptivityShalev Ben-David and Srijita Kundu
562Overcoming scalability bottlenecks for detecting quantum entanglementDaniel Miller, Lukas Postler, Antonio Anna Mele, Kyano Levi, Christian Marciniak, Ivan Pogorelov, Milena Guevara-Bertsch, Alex Steiner, Robert Freund, Rainer Blatt, Philipp Schindler, Jose Carrasco, Martin Ringbauer, Thomas Monz and Jens Eisert
564Graph-theoretic approach for self-testing in Bell scenariosKishor Bharti, Maharshi Ray, Zhen-Peng Xu, Masahito Hayashi, Leong-Chuan Kwek and Adan Cabello
565Robustness and instability of classical shadows against gate dependent noiseRaphael Brieger, Markus Heinrich, Ingo Roth and Martin Kliesch
567Realizing Non-Physical Actions through Hermitian-Preserving Map ExponentiationFuchuan Wei, Zhenhuan Liu, Guoding Liu, Zizhao Han, Xiongfeng Ma, Dong-Ling Deng and Zhengwei Liu
568Probing volume law of entanglement via stabilizer protocolsLorenzo Leone, Salvatore Francesco Emanuele Oliviero, Gianluca Esposito and Alioscia Hamma
569Learning moments of interacting fermionic systems from translationally invariant randomized measurementsJanek Denzler, Antonio Mele, Tommaso Guaita, Ellen Derbyshire and Jens Eisert
573Principal eigenstate classical shadowsDaniel Grier, Luke Schaeffer and Hakop Pashayan
574Quantum advantage of 3D-local noisy shallow circuits against unbounded fan-in classical circuitsLibor Caha, Xavier Coiteux-Roy and Robert Koenig
580Efficient Optimal Control of Open Quantum SystemsWenhao He, Tongyang Li, Xiantao Li, Zecheng Li, Chunhao Wang and Ke Wang
583Unclonable Cryptography with Unbounded CollusionsAlper Çakan and Vipul Goyal
584The Heisenberg limit of spontaneous emissionMischa Woods and Arman Tak Dost
586Efficient Estimation of Entangled Measurements with Local StatesZanqiu Shen and Kun Wang
596Learning Quantum States via Single-Shot MeasurementsSang Min Lee
598Enhanced single photon extraction from directly patterned circular Bragg gratings on GaNKeesuk Hong and Wook-Jae Lee
599Self-testing of an unbounded number of mutually   commuting local  observables Sneha Munshi and Alok Kumar Pan
600Projective toric designs, difference sets, and quantum state designsJoseph Iosue, Connor Mooney, Adam Ehrenberg and Alexey Gorshkov
606Noise-robust proofs of quantum network nonlocalitySadra Boreiri, Bora Ulu, Nicolas Brunner and Pavel Sekatski
616On finding dense sub-lattices as low energy states of a quantum HamiltonianJúlia Barberà Rodríguez, Nicolas Gama, Anand Kumar Narayanan and David Joseph
622Accelerated variational quantum eigensolver with joint Bell measurementChenfeng Cao, Hiroshi Yano and Yuya Nakagawa
628Scalable and Exponential Quantum Error Mitigation of BQP Computations using VerificationJoseph Harris and Elham Kashefi
641Single-Shot Decoding of Small Quantum LDPC CodesTom Scruby and Joschka Roffe
652Quantum Information Processing with a Register based on a Nitrogen-Vacancy Center in DiamondRegina Finsterhoelzl and Guido Burkard
656Wigner's Friend's formidable challenge to nonclassical causal modellingYìlè Yīng, Marina Maciel Ansanelli, Andrea Di Biagio, Elie Wolfe and Eric Cavalcanti
660Stressing Out Modern Quantum Hardware: Performance Evaluation and InsightsAliza Siddiqui, Kaitlin Gili and Chris Ballance
674Non-stabilizerness of classical and quantum variational statesArash Ahmadi, Eliska Greplova and Bokai Chen
683Building a fusion-based quantum computer using teleported gatesAshot Avanesov, Alexander Shurinov, Ivan Dyakonov and Stanislav Straupe
688Deterministic generation of entanglement between qubit and coherent states with high fidelity using quantum walksJaskaran Singh Nirankari and Vikash Mittal
690Floquet Code as Code DeformationXiaozhen Fu and Daniel Gottesman
692Property Testing Low Degree Phase StatesMatthias C. Caro and Preksha Naik
695Quantum Steganographic CommunicationBruno Avritzer and Todd Brun
697Quantum Nested Search for Lattice EnumerationRunxi Cao, Baocang Wang and Juntao Gao
711Lower bounds for adiabatic quantum algorithms by quantum speed limitsJyong-Hao Chen
716(In)finite Distance Extrapolation: how error mitigation complements quantum error correctionGeorge Umbrarescu, Oscar Higgott and Dan Browne
719Emergent Non-Markovian Dynamics in Logical Qubit SystemsJalan Ziyad, Robin Blume-Kohout, Tzvetan Metodi and Kenneth Rudinger
727Towards a proof-of-principle demonstration of practical quantum position verificationGeorge Cowperthwaite, Adrian Kent and Damián Pitalúa-García
728Quantum multi-prover interactive proofs with communicating provers: LOCC and separable protocolsNicholas Allen
729An experimental study on quantum ‘ghost’ imaging with highly non-degenerate photon pairsFitri Nur Duwi Fat, Kim Jin-Woo, Oh Junsang, Kim Heonoh and Rhee June Koo Kevin
731Spectral form factor of local random matrix HamiltoniansKlée Pollock, Nathan Pagliaroli, Jonathon Riddell and Thomas Iadecola
746Learning t-doped stabilizer statesSalvatore Francesco Emanuele Oliviero, Lorenzo Leone and Alioscia Hamma
759A Constant-Depth and Hardware-efficient Entangler Ansatz for VQE using Deterministic Measurement-based QCAnna Schroeder, Matthias Heller and Mariami Gachechiladze
768Generalized parity-oblivious communication games powered by quantum preparation contextualityPrabuddha Roy and Alok Kumar Pan
771Tapered Quantum Phase EstimationDhrumil Patel, Shi Jie Samuel Tan, Yigit Subasi and Andrew Sornborger
772Activation of zero-error classical capacity with noiseless channelsJeonghoon Park and Yonghae Lee
778Emergence of dissipative hydrodynamics in perturbed dual-unitary circuits with charge conservationJoel Mills, Maximilian Marvell, Tom Holden-Dye and Arijeet Pal
783Entropy bounds for device-independent quantum key distribution with routed Bell testsErnest Y.-Z. Tan and Ramona Wolf
785Testing the nonclassicality of spacetime: What can we learn from Bell–Bose et al.-Marletto-Vedral experiments?Adrian Kent and Damián Pitalúa García
793de Finetti reduction and dimension reduction for quantum key distribution in infinite dimensionsArchishna Bhattacharyya, Florian Kanitschar, Ian George and Norbert Lütkenhaus
806Estimation of Multidimensional Parameters from Sequential Measurements with Applications to Quantum InformationAkshay Seshadri, Yanbao Zhang and Emanuel Knill
809Quantum map decomposition and applicationsNingping Cao, Maxwell Fitzsimmons, Raymond Laflamme and Rajesh Pereira
814Randomized Benchmarking of Local Zeroth-Order Optimizers for Variational Quantum SystemsLucas Tecot and Cho-Jui Hsieh
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816Dynamic ReflectionsEddie Schoute, Yigit Subasi and Tyler Volkoff
818A Quantum algorithm for solving Vehicle Routing Problem variantsArun Vellat Sadashivan
820An Explicit Block Encoding for the Backwards Kolmogorov EquationTyler Kharazi, Ahmad Alkadri, Kranthi Mandadapu and K. Birgitta Whaley
824Verification-inspired quantum benchmarkingJohannes Frank, Elham Kashefi, Dominik Leichtle and Michael Oliveira
825Towards a Fully-Quantum U-Net ArchitectureAsmita Banerjee, Sayantan Pramanik and M Girish Chandra
827A Unified Framework for Stabilizer Code Encoders using ZX CalculusJiaxin Huang, Aleks Kissinger, Sarah Meng Li, Michele Mosca, Michael Vasmer and Lia Yeh
829Symmetry-Resolved Entanglement in Lattice Gauge Theories: A Tensor Network ApproachNoa Feldman, Johannes Knaute, Erez Zohar and Moshe Goldstein
832Mach-Zehnder interferometry for detecting semionic statistics of quasiparticles synthetized on quantum computersShiyu Zhou, Claudio Chamon, Claudio Castelnovo, Armin Rahmani and Yi Teng